August 8, 2022

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Developers Never Pay Land Owners Annoyed To Close Housing Entrance

Recently, there has been a lot of activity on social media, a viral video of a resident arguing with a land owner who blocked the entrance to the housing where he lives. The video, which was busy on TikTok social media, was re-uploaded by the Instagram account memomedsos, Saturday (02/07/2022).

Video footage shows the access road to housing in Sirnagalih Village, RT 03 RW 19, Sukanagalih Village, Pacet District, Cianjur Regency which was closed by the land owner. A builder is seen cementing the stones laid out at the gate of the housing entrance.

The land owner sits on the side of the road supervising the process of closing the entrance to this housing estate. A woman riding a motorcycle who was none other than a resident of a residential area protested the action of the land owner.

The woman, named Nur Fatma Aulia, was involved in an argument with the land owner. Initially the woman explained that the road leading to the housing in Sirnagalih Village was isolated because the developer allegedly had not paid the land owner.

According to him, the consumers who bought this housing have paid in full to the developer. Fatma questioned, “Why are people being oppressed like this?”

The land owner immediately spoke up about the woman’s protest. The land owner said that if he was annoyed with the developer, he never paid the money for the land purchased for housing construction.

The woman asked the land owner to sue the developer instead of blocking the entrance to the housing which would make it difficult for the residents. The land owner replied to the woman’s statement that she had already done this but the developer has not paid the land money so far.

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Root of the Problem

Land owner arguing with a resident of housing. (Instagram/memomedsos)

Based on information from the uploaded social media video, the land owner closed the entrance to the housing in Sirnagalih Village as a firm step to the developer PT Gunung Cupu as of Thursday (30/06/2022).

It is known that the developer purchased a land area of ​​2,700 square meters from Thomas Josep Gunawan’s with a certificate in the name of his wife (late) Lianawati. In 2010 the new developer paid for the land area of ​​1,200 meters.

Meanwhile, the developer PT Gunung Cupu denied that so far there had been no effort from his company to pay. The company has tried to mediate with the land owner regarding the payment but there has been no agreement on payment so far.

PT Gunung Cupu itself asks for payments to be made when the company’s conditions are normal. However, the land owner did not agree to this.

The upload of a video of an argument between a resident and a land owner who closed the entrance to the housing attracted various comments from netizens.

“Besides, it’s possible that you haven’t paid it yet, so if you like it, it’s the owner of the land, if it’s brought to the law, it’s useless,” netizen comments.

“Didn’t the school make videos? Everywhere who owns land, has rights to the land if it doesn’t belong to someone else,” another response.

“Fortunately, the road was not bulldozed so that it becomes a rice field again,” said another.

“Yes, that’s the developer, my house has been paid off for only 2 years, so the certificate, threatened first and then taken care of,” said another netizen.

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