October 1, 2022


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Denying False Rumors, Kim Woo Seok’s Agency Takes Legal Action for Perpetrators

After previously circulating false rumors that dragged the name of the artist, it was recently reported that TOP Media had taken legal action for the perpetrators of making malicious posts about UP10TION’s Kim Woo Seok. Quoted from soompi, the following is the contents of the official statement released by the agency on Tuesday (21/6/2022).

“Hello, this is TOP Media. PFirst, we sincerely thank you for sending so much love to our artist Kim Woo Seok.

Recently, there was an incident of defamation involving our artist through personal attacks and malicious slander. Accordingly, we have filed a criminal complaint with the Gangnam Police Cyber ​​Investigation unit against the creator of the malicious post for violating the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection.

There will be no leniency or settlement in our agency’s dealings with these defendants, and we inform you that we will continue to protect our artists’ rights in the future through continuous monitoring and strong legal action.

Please note that not only is the act of making a post baseless and malicious, but also the act of re-creating and spreading the post is also a basis for criminal penalties. Tethank you.”

Prior to this, Kim Woo Seok was accused of ill-treating his pets. This rumor started when it was revealed that the K-Pop idol decided to adopt another pet and added a cat to his family while he had adopted two dogs, Dda Dda and Ppo Ppo.

In addition, several people saw Kim Woo Seok holding his dog the wrong way. This also caused concern because it was feared that it would interfere with the health of the Pomeranian dog, considering that this breed of dog is known to have weak joints.

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The pet care that is mostly carried out by the manager is also a concern for Korean netizens. According to them, Kim Woo Seok should not adopt so many pets at once if he can’t take care of them himself.

The upload of a comparison photo of Kim Woo Seok’s pet dog which shows his condition when he was newly adopted and now also does not escape the spotlight.

Because of some of these things, Korean netizens then argued with each other whether Kim Woo Seok did animal abuse to their pets or not.