September 28, 2022

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Delicious Japanese Food to Eat During the Rainy Season, You Can Make Your Own!

The Japanese call the rainy season with the term tsuyu or baiu. This is the season when several weeks in Japan’s cities will appear dark because the sun is covered with clouds. In addition, the air is more humid and the wind is blowing hard with splashing rain. In Japan or in Indonesia, the rainy season still makes the air feel more biting and usually the stomach is always hungry. Foods that can warm the body must be a target. Summarized from the page Tokyotreathere are some delicious Japanese foods to eat during the rainy season

1. Oden

Oden’s photo []

In the cold rainy season, seeing the food is soupy and smells of spices. Just seeing the puff of smoke and its delicious aroma makes your stomach growl. At times like this snacking on oden is the right choice. Oden is a favorite snack in Japan. In the rainy season or when the weather is down, many people look for oden traders to buy them. Oden sauce made from miso, yuzu which is added with karashi sauce is able to provide warmth to the body. In the oden dish, we will also find other foods, such as eggs, tofu, konnyaku yam cake, and daikon radish.

2. Nikuman

Nikuman's Photo [sumber:]
Nikuman’s Photo []

Judging from his appearance, nikuman looks like dumplings. But nikuman stuffing is generally made of minced meat and vegetables. This sandwich is delicious when eaten hot, making it a perfect snack during the tsuyu period or the rainy season. Oh, yes enjoyed with a cup of warm tea definitely tastes more delicious.

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3. Shogayu

Shogayo .'s photo [sumber:]
Shogayo .’s photo []

If translated shogayu it is ginger tea. In Indonesia, this drink is often a mainstay to get rid of cold in the body. Ginger tea is effective against the cold. The warm sensation helps raise the body temperature so that it provides a sense of comfort from within. In addition, ginger also helps relieve sore throat, you know.

4. Ramen

ramen photo [sumber: pixabay/trvaledudes]
ramen photo [pixabay/trvaledudes]

In addition to the snacks above, ramen is a favorite food that is more delicious when eaten in cold weather. This dish has hot soup that can provide warmth to the body. In addition to making the stomach full and the body warm, ramen is also a food that is practical to make. No wonder this food is excellent during the rainy season.

5. Shabu-shabu

shabu-shabu's photo [sumber: pixabay/Ngd3
Foto shabu-shabu [pixabay/Ngd3]

Besides ramen, the shabu-shabu sauce is also the most tempting. Especially when the body is cold. Slices of meat and vegetables make the body feel warm too. In addition, the dashi broth steaming from the shabu-shabu pot makes the dish even more delicious. The shabu-shabu sauce and meat are indeed the best combination in the rainy season. Enjoying it in the pouring rain, it feels more delicious.

So, is it raining in your area? You can try making one of the 5 snacks above so that your body doesn’t get cold. Not hard to make, right?