September 27, 2022

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Del Piero Responds to Rumors of Sadio Mane leaving for Bayern Munich: Liverpool should be happy

Famous footballer, Alessandro Del Piero revealed, that the departure of Sadio Mane to Bayern Munich is actually a must for the Reds towards a pleasure. According to the former Juventus player, why should Liverpool be happy about the departure of Sadio Mane? Because of that, according to him, is beneficial for all parties.

The Senegalese national team player no longer wants to stay at Anfield, so according to Del Piero, Mane’s move is a good potential to take part in the Allianz Arena there.

Even according to Del Piero, Mane’s departure was a positive thing. In fact, also for Liverpool itself. Why? Because Liverpool already know that Sadio Mane, will no longer strengthen Liverpool, meaning, the Reds already understand and know what Mane wants. Therefore, it’s time for Liverpool to find the right replacement for Mane.

“The good thing about this opportunity is the fact that everyone knows in advance what to do,” Del Piero said, quoted by ESPN.

Del Piero also said that when Sadio Mane wanted to leave, Liverpool already knew, and were fine.

“Sadio Mane wants to leave. They spoke with Liverpool and everything is fine about it. They immediately looked for a replacement.”

Mane’s departure was very good indeed. The reason is, when the player wants to leave, and the club has known from the start, then it is a good deal. For Sadio Mane, there is also a positive effect. Because that way, Mane will of course be free to negotiate with Bayern Munich.

According to Del Piero, it was very good. And this thing, good for everyone.

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“That is part of a good deal. Some may prefer the same players and do not want to change. But this should be good for everyone,” Del Piero continued.

Perhaps the departure of Sadio Mane is very unfortunate by some Liverpool supporters. Because since his arrival in 2016, the Reds’ front line has indeed been inseparable from the noble contribution of Sadio Mane.