December 2, 2022

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Dear Parents, Here Are 8 Tips To Get Children To Eat Vegetables

Eating vegetables for children is sometimes a scary thing, even parents can be overwhelmed to persuade children to want to eat vegetables. For small children, vegetables are food that is not tasty, tasteless, and bitter.

Actually, this is natural, considering that vegetables do not have high fat and sugar content, where fat plays a role in providing a savory and delicious taste, while sugar will provide a sweet taste which is the type of taste that is most liked by children.

However, the low content of fat and sugar is what makes vegetables the healthiest foods. So, how do you get your kids to eat vegetables?

Quoting from page WebMDHere are 8 tips to get children to eat vegetables.

1. Arrange the Vegetable Portion on the Plate

Because vegetables are considered to have an unpleasant taste for children, it’s a good idea to combine sweet fruits with vegetables in 1 serving plate such as making a salad, so that children don’t just taste bland on the vegetables.

2. Invite the Children to Join in the Cooking

Let him choose what kind of vegetables he likes. Also invite him to participate in peeling, cutting, and serving the vegetables on a serving plate.

3. Add Vegetable Toppings to Food

This method can help so that children do not get bored just eating vegetables. You can add vegetable toppings to foods such as chicken noodles, fried rice, pizza, and other types of food.

4. Make Vegetables Into Interesting Shapes

You can also change the shape of the vegetables to be interesting so that children become more interested in trying them. For example, making vegetables into the shape of various animals on rice, or it could be by cutting vegetables using special molds that will change the shape of the whole vegetable to be more attractive.

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5. Don’t scold the child

Even though your child always insists on not wanting to eat vegetables, that doesn’t mean you have to scold him. Give understanding to children that these vegetables will be beneficial for their health, and always serve vegetables at every meal.

6. Invite some of his friends to eat together at home

Sometimes, children will be more interested in eating if they are with their friends, at that moment you can serve vegetables and invite their friends to eat the vegetables. This will encourage your child to join in eating these vegetables.

7. Set a Good Example

Before telling your child to eat vegetables, then you must also give an example first, that way your child will be more interested in tasting the vegetables.

8. Turn Vegetables Into Juice

You can make several types of vegetables such as carrots, mustard greens, broccoli, or spinach into juice with the addition of sweet fruit. In addition, you can also add honey as an additional sweetener.

Those are 8 ways to get children to eat vegetables, hopefully it will be useful.