September 26, 2022

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Day Two of Yoursay Public Speaking Class: More Exciting and Challenging! diligently organizes exciting and useful events for members on the platform and community. I don’t know how many times this platform from has held many events. The newest one is Brave Yourself to Speak in Public.

Events with themes Public Speaking Class which took place via Zoom was held for two consecutive days, Wednesday and Thursday (21-22/9/2022).

In this event which started at 15.00 WIB, collaborated with a well-known mentor. Is Irmalia Septiana, a well-known MC who has been around for a long time in the world public speaking and a mentor at the Speak Project. What’s the fun of the event Public Speaking Class: Brave Yourself to Speak in Public this?

Brave Yourself to Speak in Public Day 1

The first day of the event was a success. This can be seen from the number of participants who participated in the event. A total of 87 participants who attended, seemed enthusiastic about the material presented by the mentor. Irma’s material was actually serious, but because it was delivered in a relaxed and intimate style, the atmosphere did not feel stiff. For starters, Irma explained the reasons why we must master public speaking skills.

Public speaking that’s very important. In today’s era, study public speaking It is very important to prepare for the future,” said Irma at the beginning of the event.

In addition to emphasizing the benefits of studying public speakingIrma also explained the basics in public speaking, the difference between MC and moderator, and tips to be more confident when guiding events. The event was closed with a question and answer segment and challenge from Irma in the form of a challenge to be an MC.

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Brave Yourself to Speak in Public Day 2

If the first day’s event is filled with introduction public speaking, complete with how to become the right MC, the second day’s event was more practical and discussed many problems of internal obstacles public speaking.

In the question and answer session, the Zoom chat column was immediately flooded with comments from participants who expressed their obstacles in speaking in public. Some answered because they lacked confidence, were nervous, did not master the material, did not like to be the center of attention, and so on.

One by one the problems that hinder public speaking peeled by Irma. Not to forget, he encouraged the participants not to be afraid to try and continue to hone their public speaking skills. In this segment, Irma shared many of her signature quotes to make the participants more motivated.

Challenge in today’s event feels more challenging. The reason is that participants are given the challenge to talk about one theme impromptu. It turns out that many participants are interested challenge this. However, due to limited time, not all participants will get it.

So what public speaking is it important? As Irma said, it is very important in this global era. Public speaking not just an art, but a skill that brings many benefits, such as getting networkingbroaden horizons, influence others, and understand the character of others.

Irma closed by recommending the Speak Project, for a learning platform public speaking. “Let’s learn public speaking, add skills, so we can talk more confidently,” he concluded.

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For friends who missed this event, you can watch the rebroadcast on YouTube Suaradotcom.