August 8, 2022

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Customers Are Surprised That Couriers Deliver Packages To Home Are Always The Same, After Chatting, This Is The Reason

Buying goods online has become a habit for people today. Moreover, the marketplace always provides free shipping which makes people always tempted to shop.

When shopping online, you will definitely have to deal with the courier who delivers the package. Recently, it was viral on social media Twitter about a customer surprised by the courier who delivered the package to his house always the same until the reason was revealed.

Twitter account txtdarionlshop shared a screenshot of the chat between the customer and the parcel courier. In the chat, it was normal for the courier to first report that a package would be delivered to the customer’s house.

The customer who was surprised by the courier delivering the package to his house was always the same and then asked directly to the person concerned. The courier explained that it was indeed the area he held to deliver the package around the customer’s house.

The customer, who was still surprised that the package was delivered in the afternoon, asked the courier. It turned out that the courier had a reason why he had chosen to deliver the package to the customer’s house at night.

“Accidentally, I brought you home at night so I could see my sister before going to bed,” said the courier as quoted by, Saturday (06/08/2022).

The female customer replied casually to the courier’s words, which he thought were joking. However, it turned out that the words were genuine from the heart of the courier.

“Really, Sis, when I bring a package, I always ask the admin if I need to take it to my brother’s house or not. If there is, I will handle it,” said the courier.

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The Reason of the Parcel Courier

The reason behind the courier always delivers the package to this girl’s customer’s house. (Twitter/ txtdarionlshop)

The customer who was surprised to hear the statement from the courier of the package then asked again, “Why is that, sir? Do you really work every day?”

“No, Sis. I am like that, I always leave it with the admin if there is my sister’s name, even though there is no shift, I will definitely go to my sister’s place even though my sister is not always there. That’s why I deliver the package at night, so I can see my beautiful sister before going to bed. I in the streets also smiling to himself, “ said the courier.

This customer was suddenly uncomfortable reading the courier’s explanation. However, the courier insisted what he said was serious and instead offered to help with the shuttle as well.

So far, the tweet about the customer and the package courier has gone viral and has received 15.6 thousand likes. The tweet garnered various responses from netizens.

“Creepy isn’t it?” netizen comments.

“Just wait from this to this,” said another.

“Widih I handle,” another said.

“My girlfriend is my parcel courier, yes,” another word.

“How can you get a courier who isn’t gentlemen,” other netizens’ comments.