August 8, 2022

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Customers are invited to discuss Islamic banks, it turns out that this driver’s original job is a shock

Many people have more than one job. There are various reasons people choose to have more than one job.

Some are done because they want to increase their income and some are done because they want to increase their busyness. One of the jobs that often becomes a sideline is motorcycle taxi drivers.

Recently, it went viral on TikTok social media about the story of a customer who was invited to discuss Islamic banking by his ojol driver. The story was shared by the TikTok account mas_beridiriq.

“It turns out that some are disguised,” wrote the uploader starting the story as quoted by, Wednesday (03/08/2022).

This customer said that he had just taken an online motorcycle taxi yesterday. The motorcycle taxi driver who brought him from the start always asked him to joke.

He was then asked about the course he took. Incidentally he took a course in Islamic economics study program.

The ojol driver then invited him to discuss Islamic banks in Indonesia and other matters related to the Islamic economy.

“His father is so ignorant that discussions about Islamic banks in Indonesia are in accordance with sharia principles yet, discussing usury, caliphate, basically a lot,” said the customer.

He could only confirm what the ojol driver said. He was so curious that he asked, “How do you understand about that?”

“Well, I’m a member of the DPR, I’m just lazy with people like that,” replied the ojol driver.

It turns out that a member of the House of Representatives

The original job of an ojol driver is a member of the DPR. (TikTok/ mas_beridiriq)

The ojol driver then showed him photos of him wearing official clothes and a brochure with his photo and name on it. The video of the customer’s complaint about his motorcycle taxi driver who works as the DPR has received various responses from netizens.

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“Imagine that you’re talking about a member of the DPR who likes to sleep during a meeting, it turns out that his go-Jek brother is a member of the DPR who is busy,” a netizen commented.

“Awokawok his father is cosplaying.” said another.

“It’s good, city people, if gabut can be a gojek,” said another.

“His father is looking for new work experience,” another word.

“A rich man when he is peat is useful, he is a poor man when he is not sleeping,” other netizens’ comments.

Apparently not a few netizens have had a similar experience with motorcycle taxi drivers whose real profession is not kidding. Until now, the uploaded video has been watched as many as 930.9 thousand times.