December 1, 2022

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Crying for 6 years of driving an Ojek, this Ojol driver can only buy his dream shoes

Not everyone can easily buy the things they dream of. Not a few people who have to fight and wait longer to buy the dream item.

Because, they have to collect money first before getting the dream item. The same thing is experienced by the ojol drivers of this nation’s application.

Quoting from the upload of the rumpi_gossip Instagram account which re-shared the video of the ojol driver realizing his desire to buy dream shoes after pulling an ojek for 6 years, bringing 25 thousand customers.

“After taking my taxi, I want to buy something that I’ve always wanted to have,” he said as quoted by, Sunday (25/09/2022).

He went to a shoe store in a mall. The price of the desired shoes is quite expensive for him.

The price of his dream shoes is IDR 2,795,000. He still decides to buy it because it has become a dream shoe and is worn by his idol, NBA player Steph Curry.

This ojol driver has always liked basketball and has always watched NBA tournaments on the sidelines of taking a motorcycle taxi. He was very happy to finally have the shoes of his dreams.

Even the ojol driver immediately paid for the shoes he wanted without trying it first. That’s because he had tried on his dream shoes there before.

He was in a different place and then opened the package containing the shoes of his dreams all along. He also put on his dream shoes immediately.

“There’s nothing that I can’t buy like this,” said the ojol driver as he jumped into his dream shoes.

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This ojol driver cried with emotion to be able to buy the shoes of his dreams. (Instagram/rumpi_gossip)

So happy to be able to realize his dream of having shoes like the one his idol had worn, he cried with emotion.

He as an ojol driver is proud of his profession. Because, from working as an ojol driver, he can provide for his family, save for the future, and buy dream goods.

Netizens who watched the video story of this ojol driver gave a positive response.

“You are great mas extraordinary, healthy and successful always amen,” netizen comments.

“Because of this video I feel slapped for lack of gratitude,” said another.

“I really understand how it feels to be able to buy the things we want from the results of our own sweat, cheers, bro,” another netizen said.