August 14, 2022

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Create Students! 4 Tips for a Good GPA Even When Active in Campus Organizations

GPA or Grade Point Average is the average value of all courses taken. For students, of course, this GPA is very important as a provision to find work or take further education after completing the college education.

However, for students who are active in campus organizations and activities, it will definitely be difficult to maintain their GPA in order to stay good because of the many things they have to do outside of class hours.

However, being an active student with a good GPA is not impossible if you are really serious about achieving it.

Check out these 4 tips so that your GPA remains good even though you are active in campus organizations!

1. Create schedule

The first you have to make schedule or schedule of activities and consistently run schedule which you have made. You can make a schedule in the agenda book or google calendar. You can also make schedule with applications that are already widely available in smartphone.

2. Understand the lecture material

Make sure that you understand the course material you are studying before leaving the class. Never be ashamed to ask the lecturer or ask a friend for help to teach and explain material that you don’t understand.

Also choose a sitting position in the front so that you can easily interact with the lecturer and focus on understanding the lecture material.

3. Doing the task

No matter how busy your activities outside the classroom are, you still have to do the assignments given by your lecturer to the maximum extent possible and don’t be careless.

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Do not let you get permission during the exam, do not collect papers and be absent when presenting papers. Of course it will make you get bad grades in class. It’s best if you do your work ahead of time so you don’t rush.

4. Select Circle

Choose circle or a positive friendship in the sense of supporting and developing your academic activities. You will also get support and assistance on academic issues and this will make it easier for you to get a good GPA in class.

So, those were 4 tips to keep your GPA good even though you are active in campus organizations. Don’t forget to apply it!