December 2, 2022

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Crazy! Men Turn on Motorcycle Engines Instead of Using Keys, Here’s How

Usually people start a motorcycle engine using a key and pressing the start button. If the start button does not work, it will use another method, namely the kick starter.

However, this man did not use the two common ways people do to start a motorcycle engine. The man actually started the motorcycle engine with the help of an anti-mainstream tool.

The video of the man turning on the motorbike with an anti-mainstream device was uploaded by the Instagram account dr.herp.

“Turn on the motorbike using the key, no. Start the motorbike using the rope, yes,” written in the video as quoted by, Thursday (23/06/2022).

Video footage shows a man wrapping a rope around a motorbike’s circular engine. This man left a rope along the exhaust that was not wrapped.

That long rope is what the man in the gray jacket wears to start the motorcycle engine. The man with all his strength pulled the rope back.

At the first pull the motorcycle engine can not start. This man then wrapped the rope around the machine again.

Not using a key but a rope

Man starts motorbike engine using rope. (Instagram/ dr.herp)

He then pulled the rope stronger than before. On the second pull the motorcycle engine was successfully turned on.

The man immediately smiled happily, his attempt to start the motorcycle engine using a rope was successful. He then gasped the motorbike to keep the engine running before being used to travel.

Just uploaded a few hours ago, this video has already received 244 thousand views on Instagram reels and 10 thousand likes. The comments column for the video upload was immediately flooded with various responses from netizens who watched it.

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There are netizens who say that the way to start a motorcycle engine with a piece of rope is similar to starting a boat engine or grated coconut.

“It’s like starting a boat engine.” commented one netizen.

“Seeing this reminds me of when I bought grated coconut with my mother at the market,” said another.

“This thief wants to help confused,” another said.

“Thieves are afraid when they want to take them,” added another.

“If something is difficult, why should it be easy?” another netizen said.