December 6, 2022

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Courier Shock Delivers Packages to Customer’s House, Must Cross Collapsed Bridge

Working in the field has big challenges, whatever the profession. One of the jobs in the field and full of challenges is courier.

There are many challenges when couriers deliver packages to customers’ homes. Recently, on social media, a courier was shocked when he delivered a package to his customer’s house.

The drama.ojol social media account uploaded the shocking courier moment.

“Takeshi fort is crying seeing this,” wrote the uploader as a video description as quoted by, Monday (13/6/2022).

The video footage was taken by the courier himself. He is delivering the package to the customer’s house.

When they arrived at the entrance to the customer’s house, the courier was shocked. The entrance to the customer’s house is a bridge.

The thing that shocked him was that the middle of the bridge collapsed. Even though the customer’s house is at the end of the bridge.

The shocked courier was also confused about how he had to deliver the package by crossing the collapsed bridge. Moreover, the bottom of the bridge there is a puddle of water.

Bridge to Customer’s House Collapses

Couriers deliver packages to the customer’s house must cross the damaged bridge. (Instagram/

Unfortunately, it was not shared further as to whether the courier still delivered the package to the customer’s house via the house bridge. Judging from the video, there are two pairs of sandals placed at the end of the bridge.

It could be that the person on the other side of the bridge wearing an orange shirt takes off his sandals first before going through the puddle. Just a few hours of uploading, this video has already gotten 336 thousand views on Instagram reels.

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Netizens who watched the video immediately flooded the comments column to write responses. Some say that couriers delivering packages are the same as going on adventures.

There are also netizens who think that couriers in the area must learn to swim to be safe through puddles on the collapsed bridge.

“Your package, my adventure,” commented one netizen.

“Your life is your adventure #kurironline” other responses.

“Indeed, the courier is not facilitated by a bamboo propeller, is it?” added another.

“The package failed to be delivered or was lost, information: the missing courier was kidnapped by a female crocodile,” another said.

“I think the courier in that area has to take a swimming class,” another netizen said.