May 30, 2023

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Coupang Play Will Release Director’s Cut Drama Version ‘Anna’ On Schedule

Allkpop launched on Saturday (13/8/2022), it was previously known that the director of the Korean drama ‘Anna’, Lee Joo Young and the production team protested against Coupang Play regarding their unilateral edit.

However, there is no apology from Coupang Play regarding this, but they will release the director’s cut version of the drama ‘Anna’.

According to a report from Coupang Play on August 12, 2022, a director’s cut version will be released.

Drama ‘Anna’ with 6 episodes ended successfully last month. In honor of the director’s instructions and expectations, we decided to release the 8 episodes of the director’s cut version that we promised viewers,” they explained.

Before this incident appeared in the media, Coupang Play announced that they would be releasing an extended version of the drama.

Meanwhile, Director Lee Joo Young previously stated that Coupang Play edited the drama ‘Anna’ into 6 episodes without his knowledge. He also protested because of this.

Coupang Play announced that it would release an extended version of the drama in July, but there was no announcement that they would be releasing a director’s cut version,said Director Lee Joo Young.

Therefore, Coupang Play edited their announcement and stated that the intended long version is the director’s cut version.

Previously, the controversy between Coupang Play and the director, Lee Joo Young, arose when the director filed a lawsuit against Coupang Play for accusations of unilaterally editing the drama ‘Anna’.

The drama ended airing in 6 episodes, even though the director expected the drama ‘Anna’ to air in 8 episodes.

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Coupang Play then responded, “We realized that the editing of the drama was not in accordance with the direction previously agreed by Coupang Play, the director, and the production company.”

Coupang Play then stated they asked the director to make changes but were not complied with.

After obtaining permission from the production company, and exercising our rights according to the contract agreement, we made changes according to the storyline direction that was first agreed by all parties, which made the drama ‘Anna’ a success.,” said Coupang Play.

Now, Coupang Play has decided to release the director’s cut version of the drama in response to the director’s demands.