December 2, 2022

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Corpse Bride Film Review, The Main Character Accidentally Marries a Corpse!

Corpse Bride is a cartoon film released in 2005 and directed by Mike Johnson with Johnny Depp as the voice of the male lead (Victor van Dort), Helena Bonham Carter as the voice of Emily, and Emily Watson as the voice of Victoria Everglot.

This film tells the story of Victor van Dort who will be married off by his parents with Victoria Everglot so that his family does not fall into poverty. Unlike what he had expected, it turned out that he was comfortable around his future wife. During the wedding rehearsal, Victor was unable to pronounce the vows properly in front of the priest due to nervousness. In fact, his nervousness caused such chaos that the wedding had to be postponed. Saddened by people’s ridicule, he went from Victoria’s house to the forest.

In the dark forest, he practiced taking the wedding vows seriously while tucking the ring into a tree branch. However, unexpectedly, after he managed to pronounce the wedding vows smoothly, the twig where the wedding ring was embedded now moved, until the next second a woman’s corpse in bridal clothes emerged from a frozen grave.

Frightened, Victor decides to run away, but the corpse of the bride continues to chase him and ends up taking him to the afterlife. Now Victor is legally married to Emily, a corpse who had died when he was about to become a bride. Victor tries as hard as he can to escape, but Emily always knows where he is.

When Victor begins to accept Emily and decides to get married again in the living world, Victoria’s presence in the church makes Emily doubtful, should she seize a Victor who was destined to be Victoria’s husband from the start?

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The storyline is quite interesting with unusual ideas, and conflicts that are not too heavy. Unfortunately, the animated visuals of this film are less attractive, so it seems boring. All the questions that arise while watching this film have also not been fully answered, such as the reason why Emily was killed. But still, Corpse Bride is a must-watch for cartoon fans.