December 6, 2022

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Cool, “LOVE DIVE” IVE Successfully Achieved Real Time All-Kill After Two Months of Release!

Quoting via IVE Chart on Tuesday (21/6/2022), to be precise at 14:00 KST, the girl group made by Starship Entertainment, IVE managed to achieve a brilliant achievement through its newest song. The song titled “LOVE DIVE” won a Real Time All-Kill (RAK) on the Korean music chart. This is the first RAK they have gotten since their debut in December last year.

Real Time All-Kill itself is an achievement that is obtained when a song is ranked #1 on all real-time music charts, such as Bugs, Genie, MelOn, and Flo.

With this achievement, IVE officially joins aespa and (G)I-DLE as the only 4th generation girl group to win RAK, as well as becoming the second girl group after (G)I-DLE to achieve this feat in 2022, as well as being the fastest generation 4 group to achieve RAK (6 months).

Sunday (19/6/2022), “LOVE DIVE” IVE was also reported to have managed to occupy the top position on the MelOn Top 100 music chart and is still holding out to this day. “LOVE DIVE” joins (G)-IDLE’s “TOMBOY” as the only girl group song to penetrate the MelOn Top 100 chart in 2022.

“LOVE DIVE” is the lead single from IVE’s second single album with the same title. The album was officially released on April 5, 2022 along with the release of the music video. In the “LOVE DIVE” music video, the 6 IVE members showed off their charming visuals like goddesses of love. Musically, this song carries the genre dark pop and modern electropop with addictive chorus and percussion sounds, and synth bass and trap mix special

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This girl group consisting of Wonyoung, Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Liz, and Leeseo shows the feminine side and the feel of a goddess of love. The background of the music video that looks majestic looks dynamic with the elegant background music and gives the feel of a goddess who is falling in love. To date, the music video for “LOVE DIVE” has been viewed 103 million times on YouTube.

The music video “LOVE DIVE” only took 2 months 10 days to reach the 100 million view mark, while breaking the previous record with the debut music video “ELEVEN” which reached the same number in 3 months 7 days.

Congratulations to IVE!