October 1, 2022


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Consistently Low Rating Shooting Stars Called the 2022 Drama Flop, Why?

The Korean drama, Shooting Stars, has mastered trending topics in Indonesia. But how is his popularity in his home country of South Korea?

According to a report by Good Data Corporation, the drama rating for Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae was stuck at a low rating of 1%. This indicates that the drama that fans have been waiting for for a long time did not succeed feedback, which is good even though it features a star-studded cast and an excellent line of cameos. Many netizens say that this drama flop or fail and much different from initial expectations.

Drama Shooting Stars is a drama that explores the life behind the South Korean entertainment world between a popular actor and the head of the agency’s PR team. Initially announced the lineup, this drama put full expectations because the tvN drama became Kim Young Dae’s debut drama as the main character. But unfortunately, Shooting Stars actually got the title of One of the Worst Korean Dramas in Early 2022.

Launch KBIZoom, ‘Shooting Stars’ airs from 6-7 pm on Fridays and Saturdays which is the best drama viewing time slot for cable TV. But the fact of the matter is the drama never goes beyond 2%, but rather decreases over time. Why is that?

1. Interesting premise, nil execution

Reminiscent of when ‘Shooting Stars’ promoted vigorously from its initial broadcast by releasing a list of cameos that helped enliven the drama, releasing interaction lines from the cast, and promising to shed light on aspects of the entertainment industry that were not yet known to the public.

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In fact the execution failed, the plot of the story is not unique at all. Related aspects behind-the-screen the entertainment industry is also not clearly explained and just repeats the same information that can be easily found on the internet.

2. Main Cast Controversial Acting

There are also those who think that the acting of the two main characters is not very impressive. Kim Young Dae is said to be unable to portray his character perfectly as a top actor who was currently victorious. Despite having a handsome visual, Kim Young Dae’s shortcomings can be seen from his stiff and awkward facial expressions.

While Lee Sung Kyung did not get as much criticism as Kim Young Dae, the acting of Nam Joo Hyuk’s ex-girlfriend is said to be monotonous compared to his previous role, thus failing to leave an impression.

The two reasons above are cited as the main reasons why the drama ‘Shooting Stars’ did not boom as expected. What do you think?