March 21, 2023

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Confused! 5 villain characters in this anime think they are heroes

It’s easy to define anime characters who are considered heroes, that is, they usually have aspirations to change the world and human life for the better. At first glance we will assume that the character is worthy of being called a hero. But what if the method they choose is very brutal? Do not even hesitate to kill?

There are so many anime characters who are actually evil but feel like heroes because they have such noble ideals. The presence of characters like to bias the definition between villain and hero. Some agree with their way, but some condemn it. Who are the bad characters who think they are heroes? This villain character in anime who feels like a hero.

1. Lady Eboshi – Princess Mononoke

Illustration of Lady Eboshi – Princess Mononoke []

Lady Eboshi is a great character. She is an independent woman and firmly leads her people in the Iron Mining Village. However, his greatness is ambiguous, especially when it comes to his morals. Lady Eboshi is a person who tries to tame the wild so that it can be controlled by humans, her goal is to protect humans from the threats of their environment. But, it destroys the forest which makes it like a warning for humans to be careful of industry and the impact of natural damage.

2. Stain – My Hero Acamedia

Stain Illustration – My Hero Acamedia [sumber:]
Stain Illustration – My Hero Acamedia []

in the universe My Hero Academia, many people who have Quirk powers strive to be heroes to the weak and helpless. However, not all heroes really have pure intentions to help them. There are also those who pretend to be heroes because of the boost in popularity and money. This is what Stain doesn’t like. For him, only All Might is worthy of being called a hero because the most powerful character in the world is My Hero Academia it doesn’t care about popularity and money. Therefore, Stain got rid of the heroes he considered insincere so he was dubbed the Hero Slayer. Stain’s idealism is top-notch, but the execution is terrible.

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3. Lelouch – Code Geass

Lelouch Illustration – Code Geass [sumber:]
Lelouch Illustration – Code Geass []

Lelouch is the most divisive anime protagonist. He has a noble mission, namely fighting his father’s tyranny, but still the way he takes to make it happen cannot be justified. Lelouch did not hesitate to take the lives of others. He also abused his Geass power. Even more terrible, he killed his stepbrother and his own mother for revenge. Lelouch has only one goal, namely to free humans from depraved people who only care about their own interests. However, was that just Lelouch’s base to justify his desire to kill and God Complex does it have?

4. Eren Jaeger – Attack on Titan

Illustration of Eren Jaeger (Imdb)
Illustration of Eren Jaeger (Imdb)

Since childhood, Hajime Isayama never described Eren as a good person. In the past, he had killed two men without any remorse. As he grew up and saw the cruel real world, he became more and more unstoppable. Eren desperately wants to kill all the Titans, but when the truth is revealed, his dreams fade. He wishes to protect those he cares about and free humanity from criminals, but his methods and vision are utterly despicable.

5. Light Yagami – Death Note

Illustration of Light Yagami – Death Note [sumber:]
Illustration of Light Yagami – Death Note []

Light Yagami is one of the anime characters who is famous for having God Complex severe. Morally, he is in the gray zone. He wants to establish justice and truth for the world, but killing but cannot be justified. With the power of the Death Note he has, Light becomes a very dangerous figure. Light’s ego becomes increasingly out of control and he sinks into his illusion that the world will be safe if he exterminates these criminals.

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After reading the description above, do you think the 5 anime characters are villains or heroes?