September 26, 2022

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Confused, 5 reasons the guy you like didn’t contact you first

Reading other people’s attitudes can be confusing. The opposite sex is no exception. When you feel sure that your crush likes you, but strangely it’s been like he’s been holding back from contacting you before. Guess why, yes, it could be like that?

Well, so you don’t get confused anymore, here are some reasons why the guy you like doesn’t contact you first. Let’s follow the review further below.

1. His shy nature

The first reason why the guy you like doesn’t contact you first, could be because he’s already shy. If you meet in person, at least you can talk to each other in the company of many people. But, it was the turn of the two of him that he felt awkward about what he was going to talk about later

2. Busy

The reason for being busy could also be the reason why he hasn’t contacted you first. There are various tasks or responsibilities that must be carried out so that the time to interact with you is very limited.

3. Fear of being given a cold response

It could also be that the guy you like seems passive because he is afraid that if he takes the initiative to call first, he will get a cold response. Worried that he misread feelings. Feeling that you like him, but it turns out that he only thinks of him as an ordinary friend and doesn’t want to be in a relationship further. That’s why he’s hesitant to contact you.

4. Want to get certainty

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This relates to the previous point. As a result of him feeling doubtful whether you have a signal like you are more than just a friend or not, he also waits for you to take the initiative first. At least if you call first you can convince him and get rid of the feeling insecure in him.

5. There is another crush being chased

The next reason that is quite uncomfortable, is that he could have another crush target. The type of guy who spreads the net. Whoever shows interest, and he clicks, then that’s the chosen partner. Annoying, huh?

So that you can be completely sure of his feelings, there is nothing wrong, you know, to take the initiative to contact him first. Even so, make sure first that he is not the fifth type of guy, who likes to spread the net. Are you a fish?