December 1, 2022

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Confess Ojol Driver One Day Gets Two Unique Customer Orders: Really Fun

The existence of ojol drivers is very helpful because of the various services offered. Services from ojol drivers include ojek, ordering food delivery, shopping, sending goods, to jastip.

However, not infrequently there are customers who order ojol driver services outside of it all. Recently, it went viral on social media, an ojol driver shared his experience of getting two unique orders from customers a day.

The ojol driver shared his experience in a video upload on his Grabbaar TikTok account.

“It’s really fun to work as a Grab driver like this,” he wrote as a description of the video upload as quoted by, Friday (12/8/2022).

First Unique Order

The order released the pigeon. (TikTok/grabbaar)

The first unique order he got from a customer was a request to release a pigeon.

“Could you please help me just release the pigeon on the flyover?” customer chat.

Initially the ojol driver was surprised but gladly accepted the order. He went first to get the pigeon which he had put in the box.

When he arrived at the flyover, he released a pigeon that flew perfectly.

“Now I’ll let you go, be fine there,” said the ojol driver before releasing the pigeon.

Second Unique Order

Order to wake up the customer's girlfriend.  (TikTok/ grabbaar)
Order to wake up the customer’s girlfriend. (TikTok/grabbaar)

The second unique order he got was to wake up his customer’s girlfriend.

“Hello sir, I’m not going up, can you just wake up my girlfriend at the boarding house? Just knock on the door until I wake up, it’s okay,” second customer chat.

“Are you serious?” ask the motorcycle taxi driver.

“Just go in, the fence is not locked,” replied the second customer.

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The ojol driver immediately rushed to the boarding address to wake up his customer’s girlfriend. In accordance with the customer’s instructions, the driver knocked on the door of the customer’s girlfriend’s room until she woke up.

The girlfriend of this customer also thanked the ojol driver who had woken her up. Customers are satisfied with the service of the ojol driver.

“Mas grab is the best, you can ask for any help,” said the customer.

The video of the ojol driver getting a unique order twice a day was flooded with comments from netizens who watched it.

“It’s really great, Mas Akbar! Always in good health and spirit, I’m waiting for other exciting Grab stories, bro,” comments from the official Grab Indonesia account.

“Wkwkwk, there are customers today,” said the netizen.

“Ojolnya finished the world quest wkwkwk,” added another.

“Beyond the duty of the firefighters, overcame problems without problems,” another netizen said.

Until now, this video has been watched as many as 713.7 thousand times.