December 6, 2022

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Concert Venue Too Small, Fans Think JYP Underestimates ITZY’s Popularity

The girl group from JYP Entertainment, ITZY is now preparing a comeback for their fifth mini album titled ‘CHECKMATE’.

Fans can’t wait to see what kind of concept dynamics ITZY will display on their comeback this time.

Quote from Koreaboo On Saturday (18/6/2022), in addition to comeback preparations for their fifth mini album ‘CHECKMATE’, ITZY is also preparing for their first world tour concert, including two shows in Seoul, South Korea, and eight scheduled shows in America. Union.

ITZY fans were very enthusiastic about welcoming ITZY’s first world tour. However, when they saw such a small concert venue, they were disappointed.

ITZY fans also threw their strong protest and thought JYP Entertainment underestimated ITZY’s popularity.

One fan even posted on social media the total capacity for the ‘CHECKMATE’ concert venue which will be held both in Seoul and the United States later.

The average audience capacity for the ITZY concert will only be between 4400 – 8000 seats. This of course invites the anger of fans who want to attend the concert.

Seeing ITZY’s popularity in Korea and internationally, fans think JYP Entertainment underestimates the power of ITZY fans. They also regretted that the venue’s capacity was not much different from when ITZY held a showcase when they debuted.

However, what worries fans more is the difficulty of getting tickets because they believe that with the very small number of seats, tickets will be sold out in an instant.

Wait, is JYP Entertainment really that serious? 5K capacity venue for ITZY world tour, I can’t even call it a world tour,” wrote one fan.

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I had to fight so hard to get a ticket. I’m afraid I won’t get a ticket and lose to the resellers. Honestly, only 4.6K seats? Come on, ITZY can sell more than this,” wrote another fan.

Oh my God, the tickets will sell out in just 5 seconds with so few seats. I have to get ready.”

Several other fans tried to look on the positive side by saying that the small venue would make them closer to ITZY, and could see their performances more clearly.

Other fans also revealed that JYP Entertainment could add concert dates and choose a bigger venue for ITZY’s next world tour if they saw the fans’ enthusiasm.

However, fans still continue to criticize JYP Entertainment for not giving ITZY the opportunity to perform at a bigger concert venue, as if they underestimated ITZY’s ability to sell tickets for their world tour.

Even for their seniors like TWICE and Stray Kids get a bigger place for their world tour concerts.

Fans also hope that JYP Entertainment will immediately deal with this problem, and provide justice for ITZY and their fans.