September 27, 2022

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Compete with K-Pop Artists, Song ‘Heaven’ Lyodra Ginting Trending Youtube

Exciting and proud news came from a talented young singer from the country, Lyodra Ginting. The reason is, a few days ago Lyodra released a duet collaboration single with an English singer, Calum Scott.

It is known from Lyodra Ginting’s personal Instagram which has the account name @lyodraofficial, the collaboration single between him and Calum Scott has been released and can be accessed on all digital music platforms on Thursday, June 9, at 19.00 WIB a few days ago.

“Heaven is all yours, enjoy the music video guys.” Write the @lyodraofficial account in uploading the single trailer on Instagram.

Lyodra’s Duet Collaboration Single With Calum Scott Successfully Seizes Top 3 General Trending On Youtube

Reported from one of the Lyodra Ginting fanbase Instagram accounts, which has an account name @lyzone.ofc, the music video “Heaven” single, Lyodra Ginting’s collaboration with Calum Scott, managed to occupy the top 3 general trends on Youtube on Sunday, June 12, at 18.48 pm WIB. yesterday.

“Guys…. Finally MV Heaven won the general Trending #3 position, Alhamdulillah, Praise God, let’s be optimistic together between MV Heaven to position #1. Keep gassing in the onslaught of new trending videos. Bestie spirit. Write account @lyzone.ofc in one of his latest uploads on Instagram.

It is known from Lyodra Ginting’s youtube channel which has the account name @Lyodra Official, just a day after the release of the single, the duet collaboration managed to reach more than 1 million viewers and managed to become trending on Youtube.

At the time this article was written, the MV “Heaven” by Lyodra Ginting and Calum Scott had more than 2.1 views and was trending #6 on Youtube for the music category and trending #3 for the general category. In addition, Lyodra Ginting’s duet song has also entered several music platform charts such as iTunes, Spotify, Joox, and other music platforms.

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Besides Lyodra Ginting, the top 3 trending ranks on Youtube are filled with singers from South Korean K-POP groups, such as BTS with their song “Yet To Come”, and Secret Number with their song “Doomchita”.

Wow, of course, Lyodra Ginting is proud of this achievement. Let’s together support the work of the nation’s children so that they are more enthusiastic about working.