August 8, 2022

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Coming to terms with Discomfort in the Work Environment

Have you ever felt discomfort in the work environment? Either because of uncertain organizational changes, or because of stagnant organizational conditions that make you feel very bored. In the short term this may not cause a problem, but when this situation persists in the long term, then you have to consider your ability to accept it. What impact will it have on your future development and career?

In that discomfort, we are often faced with situations that do not allow us to choose as easily as a sentence.take it or leave it“So like it or not, like it or not, we have to live it. On the one hand we need the job, on the other hand we feel shackled with all the problems that make us feel uncomfortable. So we need to overcome it so we can still think healthy in facing reality.

Mapping Problems and Solving Them

This first stage may be considered too theoretical for some. But it is important for us to map the problems that make us feel uncomfortable in the work environment. What problems do we face, how big is the scope, which problems we can solve, which problems we can’t solve, and how do we solve those problems.

Do not force yourself to solve the problem, if it is beyond our capabilities. Especially if the problem has spread to the entire scope of the organization. But on the other hand, we need to introspect ourselves if the problem is only us who feel it, while other people feel fine. Maybe it’s just because our expectations are too high, or our perception of things that really don’t matter.

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Considering the “Stay” or “Quit” Options

Although it is not easy to make a choice, but we still have to make a decision. And we must be fully aware, that whatever our choices have consequences. If we decide to “hold on” because we don’t dare to take bigger risks, then we must be able to come to terms with discomfort. Face any problems that occur and adapt them wisely.

But if we decide to “get out”, then we must be able to make sure in a new place we will find what we are looking for. Clearer careers, higher salaries, higher positions, better welfare, healthier organizations and better conditions than ever. Because once we step outside, we may never be able to go back. So it is important for us to consider carefully. Not just because of a momentary emotion, which then makes us regret it.

More Friends and Information

In situations of discomfort we need to make more positive friends. Friends who are always optimistic, who can encourage our spirit to move forward. Help each other and try to keep up the good work, even in an uncomfortable work environment. Share with each other, don’t hold onto their own problems, and try to open up to friends in the surrounding environment. Solving problems together is much better, than if we try to solve problems alone.

We also need to multiply information and be observant in responding to it. Is the information accurate or is it misleading and makes the atmosphere even more murky. In an unhealthy work environment, issues are usually very easy to develop. We need to find the right source of information, namely people who really understand and can help solve problems. We also need to look for balanced sources of information, not just hearing from one party that causes judgmental bias.

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Improving Self Competence

Improving competence is important for us to increase self-confidence. Self-confidence makes us calmer in dealing with problems, not easily panicked, not easily emotional and provoked. Self-confidence also makes us have strong principles and mentality, not easily drifted away or drowned in the turbulence of change. In addition, competence also provides added value, so that it can support our existence outside the work environment.

Improving competence can be in a formal or informal way. Take higher academic education, attend various trainings, seminars, workshopeven just share friends to increase knowledge. Try various challenges with new tasks that make us more developed. Get out of your comfort zone and try move on in a positive way from the uncomfortable situation.

Doing Positive Activities

If we have talents and interests in other fields, maybe this is the right time for us to develop them. We need to do various positive activities in our spare time. Take up sports, organization, writing, cooking, gardening and other fun activities. Hobbies can also add friendships and broaden horizons, when meeting like-minded people in certain communities.

We can also try to pursue various types of business or do odd jobs to increase income. Additional income will make us calmer, so we are not too worried about various problems in the work environment. There are alternatives in life that keep us from fear. If something happens that we don’t want with our work, then we are better prepared to deal with it.

Grateful and Living

Grateful to have family and good friends who care about us. They never question our failures and are always willing to accept us as we are. Grateful to still have a job and steady income in difficult times like these. At a time when many people lost their jobs and had difficulty making ends meet.

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Live what is now with gratitude. Give yourself positive affirmations every day. That life must go on, in the wheel of life that never stops turning. Change will continue to occur without us knowing what will happen later. Behind the difficulties there must be ease, every problem there must be a solution. We can take good lessons from all events, and rest assured everything will be beautiful in its time. (IkS)