August 8, 2022

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Close Friends, Karina aespa Gives Gift to Former SM Trainee

Back in 2015, SM Entertainment introduced five girls who would be part of the public trainee system, called SM Rookies. Along with the other four trainees, namely Lami, Ning Ning, Hina, and Herin, Ko Eun is also one of the trainees who are members of SM Rookies.

After being introduced to the public, Ko Eun immediately attracted the attention of many people with her role as the leader and vocalist. That’s why, fans were very disappointed after knowing Ko Eun left SM Entertainment in 2020 because they were expecting SM Rookies to make an official debut.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment only debuted NingNing SM Rookies with aespa in 2020. Fortunately, Ko Eun seems to be enjoying her life as an ordinary girl.

Rumors of disputes between trainees during AESPA’s debut also surfaced because the other four SM Rookies girls finally decided to leave SM Entertainment after failing to make their debut when the agency was busy promoting AESPA’s debut.

Even though the rumors were never proven to be true, fans are still wondering if the SM Rookies members are still friends with aespa. However, recently, the question has finally been answered.

According to reports koreaboo, Recently, a fan asked Ko Eun about what perfume she uses through her Instagram account. Ko Eun also surprised fans by mentioning that one of her favorites was a gift from Karina.

“It depends on my mood, but recently, I often use this perfume I made and this Acqua di Parma that Jimin (Karina’s real name) gave me.”

Apparently, the gift that Karina gave to Ko Eun was Acqua di Parma perfume which became one of the AESPA collaboration partners. This proves that the AESPA members with other former trainees still have a good relationship even though they have been on different paths.

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Not only with her agency friends, Karina’s friendship with ITZY’s Yeji who is an artist under JYP Entertainment is also widely known. In an interview, Karina confessed that Yeji is her only celebrity friend. He revealed that Yeji’s presence on stage made him feel calm.

It’s good to know that aespa is still good friends with former SM Entertainment trainees! Stay tuned for the latest aespa news, okay!