October 1, 2022


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Claims to have lost this item, hasn’t told Mama immediately knows: Auto crossed out from KK

The instincts of a mother can be said to be very strong. Especially when it comes to her child, whatever it is, the mother knows.

Even before the child even said it, the mother could already know it. Recently, there was a video on social media of a young man about to confess that he had lost something to his mother. The video was re-uploaded by the slapstick Instagram social media account.

“The feeling of a mother exceeds the sixth sense,” wrote the uploader as a description of the upload as quoted by Yoursay.id, Thursday (16/6/2022).

Video footage shows a young man who approached his mother sleeping in the room. The young man approached his mother because he wanted to confess.

He had lost one of his mother’s favorite things. He admitted he was nervous before revealing it to his mother.

“Mama, ma, ma,” said this young man patting his mother’s waist.

“What?” asked the mother.

“I was playing badminton earlier but don’t be angry, I want to tell you. I was playing badminton with it,” said the young man wanting to explain.

Before she finished explaining, the mother immediately knew what her son meant.

“Gone, lost, lost,” said the mother.

“I haven’t spoken,” said the young man.

“It must be lost, it must be lost,” shouted the mother.

Haven’t Said, Mama Immediately Knows

Mama knew before she was told. (Instagram/slapstick)

Finally the young man admitted that he lost his mother’s belongings while playing badminton.

“Tupperware (brand of goods) mama,” said the young man.

“Mommy’s tupperware is more valuable than you,” said the angry mother.

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The young man immediately came out of his mother’s room because he felt guilty. Just uploaded an hour ago, this video has already garnered 1.5 million views on Instagram reels and 77.8 thousand likes.

The comments column for the video was immediately invaded by netizens to write responses. There are netizens who suspect that the young man brought his mother’s favorite item without permission so it was lost.

“Auto crossed out from KK,” a netizen commented.

“Tupperware is indeed the highest caste in a family,” said another.

“It deserves to be often ghosted, from an early age it’s not worth it,” another said.

“Due to bringing ‘beloved child’ without permission,” another netizen said.