May 30, 2023

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Chinese media predicts that the Indonesian national team will become the new strength of Southeast Asian football in the future

The success of the Indonesian national team in the U-16, U-20, and senior age groups had caught the attention of one of the media from China, Sohu. They claim that the recent achievements of the Indonesian national team do not rule out the possibility that Indonesian football will become a new force in the future.

As we all know, if the U-16 Indonesian National Team has just won the U-16 AFF Cup, the U-20 National Team has made sure that it steps into the U-20 Asian Cup finals in Uzbekistan in 2023, while the senior national team will also compete in the U-20 Asian Cup. 2023 Asian Cup after 17 years of waiting.

“From what happened, it can be seen that when China competes against ASEAN teams one day, it’s not just Vietnam that is terrible, the Indonesian national team must be wary of,” he wrote.

“Southeast Asian football always has 1-2 mighty dark horses in continental tournaments. In the past Thailand, now Vietnam, and it is possible that in the future it will be the turn of the Indonesian national team to become a super power in ASEAN,” he added.

The statement from the Chinese media did not escape the attention of Indonesian football fans and Indonesian netizens. Many of them gave a positive response to this statement.

“We have a smart coach, if Sty stays here for 3 to 4 years maybe what the Chinese media fear will happen, because Sty prepares age group players to be ready for the senior national team for the next 3 or 4 years,” said one netizen.

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“The affairs of the national team players are recognized because they are now progressing, while the PSSI management is still wrong, if the PSSI management does not make progress like it is today, then our homeland football will not advance, especially the national team,” said another netizen.

“The key for the Indonesian national team to be strong is that the Indonesian national team players must play in foreign leagues such as the European league, Japanese league, Korean league, and Australian league or a league that is better than the Indonesian league,” said another netizen.

Contributors: Moh. Afaf El Kurnia