May 30, 2023

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Child Confesses to Late Mama Through Chat: There is no cellphone in heaven, does it seem?

Left forever by parents is a sad thing for children. Especially when parents die, children are still small.

Recently viral on Twitter social media about elementary school children who confide in their late mother via chat. The contents of the elementary school chat were sent by his brother to the convomfs Twitter account.

“The behavior of my younger brother when I was just taking a shower, guys, it’s really funny, so touched,” wrote the sister, including a screenshot of the chat with her late mother, as quoted by, Friday (24/6/2022).

The elementary school boy started his vent through chat by calling his mother and introducing himself. Accidental cell phone the one he used to chat with his mother was his brother’s.

He told me that tomorrow the report card for his study results during the even semester came out to be taken by his brother. He told his mother that he would go up to grade 2. This elementary school kid also said that now he can be independent.

“I can bathe myself, I can eat by myself. I’ve become a great child, I think I’m smart,” he said.

He told his mother that he got a score of 100. He then asked what his mother was doing.

Because, the chat that was sent to his mother has ticked one.

“What are you doing? In heaven, there is no cellphone, it seems,” said the boy innocently.

He revealed that during elementary school until later middle and high school will be alone. Even so innocently he asked his mother, “He said that after elementary school there was a junior high school, is it true?”

Elementary School Children’s Condolences to Their Late Mothers Makes You Touch

Confess elementary school child to his late mother. (Twitter/convomfs)

This child ended his vent chat with his late mother with an adorable sentence.

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“Dada, mama, brother, has finished bathing. Don’t tell my sister I borrowed her cellphone. Sincerely,” he concluded.

Menfess submissions from elementary school children to the late mother via the chat have so far received 105.6 thousand likes and 13.1 thousand retweets. Netizens who read the contents of the chat chat were moved and at the same time gave encouragement to the younger brother so that he could be successful in the future.

“In heaven there is no cellphone, it seems, it’s really sad, God,” netizens tweet.

“It’s really cool, your sister is enthusiastic, then yes, her school is diligent, your mother must be very proud,” added another.

“Oh my God, it was really funny at first, I started to cry when I read it,” another netizen said.