August 8, 2022

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Celebrates Release of Grown Ass Kid Album, Zico Reveals How It Was Made

Rapper and producer Zico has released his latest album titled ‘Grown Ass Kid’ on July 27, 2022. comeback his first in the last 2 years since he decided to enlist in the military.

South Korean media Newsen informed that Zico had held a press conference for his new album. The press conference will be held on August 1, 2022 at 12.00 WIB at Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

If based on Urban Dictionary, ‘Grown Ass Kid’ is described as a man who has a heart like a child. It’s not that he’s immature, but that’s because he never had a good childhood.

Meanwhile, during the press conference, Zico revealed himself the meaning behind the name of his album Grown Ass Kid. Zico said, “Although fast changing, there is one thing that has not changed. It is his passion, energy and identity for his own music.

The ‘Any Song’ singer added, “I grew up, but I was just a child who had grown up. If you interpret it differently, you can assume I took my past and reinterpreted it in a new way,

Remembering Zico who just finished his military service, he revealed how the Grown Ass Kid album he worked on. “Since I have not communicated with the public for two years, I am the only one who can provide feedback about my music. After that, I made it as if I was playing alone,” he said.

Zico added, “You will be able to feel a lot of Zico’s past in the structure of the album creation,

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Five songs on the album Grown Ass Kid involve Zico in the process. Both in writing lyrics, and composing music. Even in his song ‘OMZ freestyle’, Zico does everything himself.

The tracklists in the Grown Ass Kid album are ‘Freak’, ‘SEOUL DRIFT’, ‘Trash Talk’ (Feat. CHANGMO), ‘OMZ freestyle’, and ‘Nocturnal animals’ (Feat. Zior Park). ‘Freak’ is the main song in Zico’s fourth mini album.

There is no need to doubt the music producer on this one. Zico has produced his own music several times. He also founded the music label KOZ Entertainment in 2019, which was later acquired by HYBE LABELS in 2020.

In addition, Zico several times had the opportunity to be a judge in a competition event. Recently, he released a solo program ‘Give Me a Minutes’ or also called ‘5 Minutes’ whose first episode aired on July 29.