December 6, 2022

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Celebrate Graduation, A Number of Vocational Students in this Convoy to Cover the Highway

The act of doodling on uniforms and convoys on the streets still seems to be a tradition for some high school/vocational high school students to celebrate their graduation.

One example is what a number of SMK students from Garut have done as shown in the following viral video. The video was uploaded to Instagram social media by the @fact.indo account.

“A number of students in Garut convoy to close the highway while celebrating graduation,” write the @fact.indo account as the initial description of the uploaded video.

After receiving the graduation announcement, the SMK students were seen scribbling on their white and gray uniforms.

They then carried out a convoy on the streets using motorbikes. The students who participated in the convoy did not seem to obey traffic rules properly.

They even deliberately stopped their vehicles to cover the highway while buzzing their motorbikes.

As a result, this also makes other motorists so disturbed when they want to pass on the road. As a warning, some road users can be heard honking their car horns. But unfortunately, the action was simply ignored by the students there.

Meanwhile, according to the information contained in the upload, the principal of the relevant SMK has provided clarification regarding this incident.

The school also expressed their apologies for the actions of several students who had caused unrest in the community when the graduation announcement was given.

Convoy Action of a Number of Vocational Students

A number of convoy vocational students covered the highway to celebrate graduation (Instagram/@fact.indo)

Until this article was compiled, the viral video showing the convoy of a number of SMK students from Garut has been watched for more than 600 thousand views.

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Not only that, the video also managed to get tens of thousands likes and reaped various responses from netizens who watched.

“Last time online school, left his brain on zoom,” said one netizen.

“Welcome to the world of work or the world of campus,” said another.

“Removing his diploma is more exciting than a convoy on the road,” said another netizen.

“Let them unwind, before getting dizzy, how hard it is to find work,” added another.

“Welcome to the real world. The struggle is about to begin,” other netizen comments.