September 27, 2022

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Caucasians are given Ice Cendol, at first they are disgusted but when they try, this is the reaction

Es cendol is a traditional Indonesian cold drink. Reported by CNN, es cendol is included in the list of the World’s 50 Most Delicious Drinks.

However, not many foreigners have tried this delicious drink. Recently, TikTok social media user Laurence Benson conducted an experiment for Caucasians to drink ice cendol for the first time.

“Trying ES CENDOL for the first time” wrote the uploader as a video description as quoted by, Friday (17/6/2022).

In this video, there are three Caucasians who are about to try ice cendol. Before knowing the drink they will try, namely es cendol.

Caucasians eyes were covered with a cloth. When the cloth was opened, the Caucasians looked disgusted to see the ice cendol in front of them.

The female Caucasian with long hair said that this ice cendol looks strange. The first time a male Caucasian saw cendol, he felt that it didn’t look too good. The three Caucasians were asked to guess first about the cendol ice.

“For dessert, it’s green and cloudy,” said the long-haired Caucasian woman.

“Is this sweet?” said the male Caucasian.

Caucasians like Ice Cendol

Bule likes it after trying ice cendol. (TikTok/laurence_benson)

The three Caucasians were also asked to try a glass of ice cendol in front of them. Who would have thought that their initially disgusted reaction to the ice cendol turned 180 degrees after trying. The three Caucasians like the original Indonesian ice cendol which tastes good.

“This is cool, I like it. The more I drink, the more I like it,” said the male Caucasian.

“I’ve never tried this, unfortunately very impressed,” said the long-haired Caucasian woman.

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“Delicious,” said Caucasian woman with curly hair.

Until this article was compiled, the viral video has been viewed 23.4 million times. The comments column for this video was flooded with various responses from netizens, including Indonesian netizens.

“Well, I like it. There’s a song, you know, cendol dawet,” Indonesian netizen comments.

“Proud to be an Indonesian citizen,” another response.

“I didn’t know that Indonesian food was delicious. Even Koreans eat Sundanese food and are addicted to it,” said another.

“That’s why you feel first, then say you don’t want to,” added another netizen.