December 2, 2022

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Carrying an unusual concept, these four pairs of brides are side by side at the aisle

When a wedding is held, usually at the aisle there is only a couple of brides and grooms. However, this time the bride and groom wanted something different at their wedding.

Adapting from, four bridal couples chose to hold a wedding party at the same time. The moment the four brides were side by side on the aisle was uploaded by TikTok user Nazihah Hamzah.

Nazizah revealed in her TikTok video that she and three other cousins ​​celebrated the happy day together on May 29, yesterday. The woman who is familiarly called Zara, told that at first she and three cousins ​​wanted to hold their respective wedding parties.

“Before this, we (Zara and Cousin) each planned to do the ceremony ourselves,” Zara said.

Zara and her three cousins ​​just held a wedding party together. Meanwhile, for their marriage contract at different times.

Two couples married during the pandemic, two more married in 2022. The idea for a wedding with these four couples came from one of their mothers.

Finally Zara and her three cousins ​​agreed to accept the proposal from the mother to be side by side on the aisle together.

“But on the basis of a mother’s desire to see her child side by side, that’s why we agreed to hold a party of four brides at once,” said the 27-year-old woman.

Side by Side Together on the Aisle

Four couples on the aisle together. (Source:

The wedding was held at Zara’s aunt’s house in Pasir Tuntong, Kuala Selangor. Interestingly, four of the newlyweds are pregnant with their first child.

The wedding party of the four married couples used Malay customs such as holding a Bollywood-themed henna night. They spent the wedding party together around RM 17,000 or Rp 56 million.

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Zara says that the costs are jointly borne by the four bridal couples. He also added that he did not use catering services.

“We don’t order catering, we work together to cook together. But there are additional foods that we order, namely grilled chicken, pangbulan, cakwe, takoyaki, and ice cream,” said Zara.

Although he was happy to be able to hold a wedding party with his three other cousins. However, Zara is sad because her mother is gone when the wedding party takes place.

“I am married in one aisle because my mother and father are no longer there. My father died in 2017, my mother died in early 2021 due to a chronic illness,” said Zara.