September 27, 2022

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Careless Parking, Torn Luxury Car Body Allegedly Hit by Other Vehicles

The rules are made of course to be obeyed by the individual concerned. If you don’t obey the rules, you can end up having bad luck.

Recently, social media has been buzzing with a video of a luxury car body being torn off due to careless parking. The video was uploaded by social media user TikTok ayin8686.

The footage was taken by the Malaysian TikTok user from inside his car. There was a white luxury car in front that caught his attention.

The white luxury car has torn right side of the body. The tear in the body of the luxury car was quite severe.

The door to the passenger seat was torn off, causing the white paint to peel off. The worst part is the body behind the door which was completely destroyed.

The iron sticks out shapeless. It is suspected that the torn body of the white luxury car was caused by another vehicle.

However, it is not the blue bus that passes in the video but other vehicles. This luxury car was hit by a body part because it was parked carelessly and filled the road.

“Be careful, all driver friends, if you park, look for a safe place. We are happy, other people are happy,” written in the video as quoted by, Wednesday (22/06/2022).

Ripped Luxury Car Body Condition

The body of a torn luxury car is suspected to have been grazed by another vehicle. (TikTok/ayin8686)

The video uploaded by ayin8686 about the torn body of the luxury car caught the attention of netizens. Not a few netizens agree that the luxury car is indeed wrong so that it can get such an incident.

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“Remember, he uses Alphard to park as he pleases. Eat it,” said one netizen.

“Use a car that costs hundreds of millions but can’t afford valet parking,” said another.

“It’s very satisfying to teach lessons to people who like parking like that,” other words.

“This driver does not have a driver’s license and has never tested a computer,” said another netizen.

A citizen after watching this video realized that he would not park carelessly anymore.

“The female driver came, wanted to answer the boss. I always parked like that but in the future I won’t. I didn’t expect to get something like that,” said the netizen.