August 14, 2022

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Careful! 5 Signs We Are Experiencing Stress Due to Work

For workers who work in a company or place of business, they often experience unpleasant things. Whether it’s a too heavy workload, an inconsiderate boss, toxic co-workers, and so on. But if we still want to work in that place, then we should be able to handle these things well.

If we are not good at dealing with problems encountered at work, we can become depressed or stressed due to these problems. Stress at work certainly has a bad impact on us and the company we work for. Therefore, we should avoid stress and deal with it well.

But the problem is that we often do not realize that we are stressed. As a result we can not cope with the stress properly. In fact, stress at work can be seen from several signs.

The following are 5 signs of being stressed at work or as a result of work.

1. Loss of Motivation

We should have high motivation and enthusiasm at work. That way we can carry out work lightly and happily. However, if we experience pressure or stress due to work, it is likely that we will lose motivation at work.

The impact can be seen when we perform daily activities, especially at work. We will be lazy. Starting from going to work to doing tasks, we don’t have the enthusiasm to live it.

2. Often Fear and Anxiety

At work, maybe once in a while we will have worries about something. For example, worry about not achieving the target. It’s natural to worry if it appears once in a while. But if we are too often afraid and anxious, there could be problems in our work. Especially if we feel anxious for no apparent reason, we are most likely experiencing stress.

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3. Productivity Decreases

If we work optimally, then we will also get maximum results. However, several factors can cause our productivity to decline. For example, because of physical or mental conditions that are not good. One of them when we are stressed, our minds become chaotic so that our productivity decreases.

4. Often Sick

We agree that state of mind greatly affects physical health. When the mind is good, the body is easier to be healthy. Vice versa, when the mind is stressed, the body will tend to get sick easily.

5. Prefers to be alone

In addition to doing work tasks that have become our responsibilities, we can use work time to chat with our co-workers, for example during breaks. However, when we are feeling stressed, we usually prefer to be alone than to gather with other people. This is because a poor state of mind makes us lazy to interact with other people.

Thus 5 signs we are experiencing stress at work or as a result of work matters. Have you ever felt it?