December 2, 2022

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Can Sadio Mane Win at Bayern Munich?

Sadio Mane has now officially become a Bayern Munich player. He will be in Die Roten uniform until 2025. Mane is a striker, as is Robert Lewandowski. This is what makes it interesting to investigate.

The news about the move of the Polish striker, Robert Lewandowski, now continues to blow. One of the massive reports, Lord Lewandowski is predicted to be a Barcelona player next season. However, if you read about Barcelona and Lewandowski, they already seem to like each other. Barcelona wanted his services, so did Lewandowski, who wanted to play for Barcelona.

This means that Bayern Munich brought in Liverpool’s executor, Sadio Mane, indirectly, allegedly to replace Lewandowski’s role, if later he actually anchored to the Blaugrana.

However, will Sadio Mane be set at Bayern Munich like when in uniform Liverpool? It is not easy to replace a fertile player like Lewandowski. Mane really has a tough task up front.

Sadio Mane’s mandate is no joke. Besides being assigned to score goals, it is to open up space for the creation of a goal. The point is, his contribution as an attacker, really has to be seen if he doesn’t want to be considered a failed purchase, and that’s how it is.

Lewandowski, has done just that with Die Roten. Indeed, of Lewandowski’s caliber, it is not easy to create such a thing. He also needs a lot of time to become a violent and goal-hungry bomber. His sharp header, lethal shot and his unstoppable acceleration, Lewandowski has shown, are not instant. However, the evidence is real.

Now, Sadio Mane, indirectly it must be like that if you don’t want to be considered a failed recruit. It’s okay not to, Sadio Mane really has to be able to show the quality of his game, which, as Bayern Munich was attracted to bring him. Simply put, at least Sadio Mane didn’t disappoint the Allianz Arena public. That’s all that matters.

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Why is that? Because, if Sadio Mane plays below expectations for a long time, it is not impossible that Bayern Munich will shake their heads. The service period until 2025, could be sold out in the past, aka will be sold prematurely.