October 1, 2022


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Can Eating Nuts Really Affect Your Breathing? Check Immediately!

Peanuts are one of the most popular foods in Indonesia. Usually peanuts are processed into various types of food, such as pecel, peyek, lotek, and even satay sauce.

Peanuts themselves are rich in protein, high in natural fiber, low glycemic index, and other nutrients that are very useful for body health. In Indonesia, peanuts are very close to our daily food consumption. There are a lot of processing, in addition to those mentioned earlier. Such as boiled peanuts, crunchy peanuts, atomic beans, even oil and peanut tempeh.

In addition, peanuts are also free of cholesterol. About 82% of the fat contained in nuts consists of unsaturated fats, mainly oleic and linoleic acids.

However, did you know? If peanuts affect breathing? For that, continue to read the following explanation, yes.

This story was quoted from the page alodokter.com. Where an audience asked about his complaints after eating peanuts, he found it difficult to breathe after eating nuts.

So, what’s the doctor’s response?

This question was answered by dr. Singgih E Prasetyo

“Complaints of shortness of breath can be caused by several things, such as disorders (asthma, COPD, tuberculosis, pneumonia), heart problems (heart failure, cardiomyopathy), allergies, trauma and so on.”

He said that complaints of difficulty breathing could occur due to several things, such as disorders of the lungs, heart, allergies, trauma, and possibly other things.

Because the audience experienced difficulty breathing due to eating peanuts, this is probably due to an allergy to peanuts.

Symptoms of allergies caused by eating peanuts not only affect breathing, but can include headaches, watery eyes, rash and itching on the skin, swollen lips, discomfort in the throat, even shortness of breath.

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The following might be a solution that you can do if you experience this:

  • Avoid the causes of symptoms
  • If itching and rash occur on the skin, you should not scratch
  • Eat nutritious and healthy food
  • If the complaint occurs repeatedly until you have difficulty breathing and decreased consciousness, you should immediately see a doctor for treatment.

May be useful.