December 1, 2022

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Call of The Void: The Science Behind the Desire to Die, Check it out!

Maybe many of you have experienced a situation when you were walking across a bridge or a tall building, suddenly there was a voice in your head telling you to jump down. Or another example is when you were slicing vegetables while cooking, your brain suddenly ordered to slice your hands?

This phenomenon is known as the Call of the Void, aka the ‘Call of the Void’, you know, guys.

What is the scientific description of this call to nothingness? Is this dangerous? Many people ignore this phenomenon, and not everyone does. Researchers of this phenomenon once hypothesized that the void call could be a ‘misinterpreted safety signal’ that could push them away from danger.

A study from the psychology professor at the University of Miami, Ohio, April Smith revealed his research, that approximately 50% of people have experienced this phenomenon, and it turns out, this is a miscommunication in our brain. When we are at high altitudes, the brain sends a warning signal that entices us to “take a step back or look around”.

Jennifer Hames as the lead researcher as a clinical psychologist from the University of Notre Dame concluded that the call to nothingness is a subconscious impulse of a person trying to encourage a greater appreciation of what it is like to live as opposed to death. It can also indicate a person has a higher sensitivity than most people. And this phenomenon also interprets the experience as an expression of a hidden desire to die.

Our brain has a pressure that is difficult to keep it from thoughts that often come out. These thoughts are not a problem, they are a sign that we are alive and we know them.

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All these void calling thoughts are part of the ‘disturbing mind’. Much like mind tricks, this is not something to worry about as some thoughts are just one-way chatter. Like how you want to hit a pedestrian while driving or yelling in the middle of class. You may start to wonder why I did that? this chain of thought will cause security signals to be misinterpreted. This thought is a warning, not an encouragement.

So, that’s it guys, a little science description about Call of The Void. What do you think?