August 18, 2022

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Busy with solo activities, it turns out that EXO’s Suho often thinks about this

EXO’s Suho is currently busy with solo activities since returning from military service some time ago, and successfully released his second mini album ‘Grey Suite’ in April 2022.

Quote from Koreaboo on Saturday (25/6/2022), Suho recently uploaded a video of his trip to Dubai via EXO’s official YouTube account.

In the first episode of his travel video, Suho took fans on an adventure with him to Dubai, when he attended the launch of the ‘IMAGINE Show’ festival at the Dubai Festival City Mall.

Throughout the video of his journey, Suho kept talking about his group, namely EXO.

The reason is, EXO and Dubai have an unforgettable history. In 2018, EXO’s song ‘Power’ was chosen to be the first K-Pop song to be played at the Dubai Fountain Show, which is the largest fountain show in the world.

Since then, Dubai Fountain has continued to play the song ‘Power’ throughout the year, proving the power and global popularity of EXO in Dubai which is still lingering today.

Suho himself arrived in Dubai a few days before the start of the ‘IMAGINE Show’, and he started to reminisce about his memories with the EXO members in Dubai as he headed towards his first schedule for the day.

Then Suho went on a trip to the Dubai Skywalk, and again he recalled his memories with the other EXO members.

Comparing it with the latest video of the EXO members crossing the glass bridge on the variety show ‘EXO Ladder 3’, fans can already imagine the chaos that Suho envisioned at that time.

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While at AURA SKYPOOL, Suho witnessed the scenery of one of the islands, and again at once he discussed what if the other EXO members also joined him, and played in the water there.

Seeing the way Suho imagined the scenario, it seemed clear which member of EXO would be his favorite child, none other than Sehun, and who was the member who liked to cause trouble, namely Baekhyun.

Then Suho also seemed to visit Deep Dive Dubai, the deepest pool in the world. Feeling like he’s in his own element, water (referring to Suho’s concept of superpower when EXO debuted), Suho also shared that Sehun also really likes doing diving.

Besides always thinking about EXO members when he is doing individual activities, Suho also never forgets EXO-L (EXO fans), he also often shows his hand gestures with the ‘L’ sign to express his love for fans.

Suho is indeed known as the leader of EXO who is very considerate. In fact, even though he is doing solo activities, his mind is never separated from the EXO members and also EXO-L.