August 14, 2022

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Bucin Harimau, 9 Facts about the Release of Horangi’s Song Released by SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi surprised fans by releasing his new song ‘Horangi’ (Tiger). The song was released on July 28, 2022 via SEVENTEEN’s YouTube channel.

Through monitoring trends24, the name Hoshi successfully perched on Trending Worldwide at #6 within an hour since its release. On Twitter Indonesia, Hoshi’s name managed to occupy the #2 position.

This song is very special because the title really represents the character of the SEVENTEEN member. Come on, let’s take a peek at 9 facts about the release of the song ‘Horangi’ which was released by Hoshi!

1. The title of the song describes him

The word ‘Horangi’ comes from Korean which means tiger. Hoshi’s stage name comes from two Korean words ‘Horangi’ (tiger) and ‘SHIseon’ (gaze) or meaning ‘tiger stare’. The name was chosen by him because he felt he turned into a tiger when he appeared on stage.

Few facts! Hoshi also has a word that he often calls, namely ‘Horange’. The word comes from the words ‘Horangi’ and ‘Saranghae’ (I love you) which means ‘I tiger you’. This word is often used by Hoshi to express his affection for fans.

2. The song ‘Horangi’ was released with Tiger JK

The song ‘Horangi’ was released in collaboration with Korean-American rapper, Tiger JK. The fact about Seo Jung Kwon’s stage name, namely Tiger JK which has the word ‘Tiger’ or tiger is also a concern of fans. Because the songs released by Hoshi this time, almost all of them are related to tigers.

3. ‘Horangi’ released on Tiger JK’s birthday

Through his Twitter, Tiger JK said “Released a song called horangi with Hoshi on my birthday / and world tiger day” The famous rapper was born on July 29, 1974.

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4. Released on International Tiger Day

Another fact that fans found was the release of the song ‘Horangi’ which coincided with International Tiger Day. International Tiger Day is celebrated every year since 2010 and then on 29 July.

5. The song ‘Horangi’ was released in the year of the tiger which falls in 2022

Another fact that fans discovered is that the song ‘Horangi’ was released precisely in the year of the tiger which falls in 2022.”hoshi released a song called horangi in collaboration with tiger jk on international tiger day in the year of the tiger” tweeted one fan.

6. The logo of the song ‘Horangi’ which was inspired by the logo of the song ‘Tiger’

Was told yaa the tiger logo has the same vibe as the ‘spider’ logo woww they developed the logo really well!! FROM SPIDER TO HORANGI, THIS TYPE OF LOGO BECOME HOSHI IDENTITY“explained the fan.

The fan revealed that the logo for the song ‘Horangi’ is an extension of the song ‘Spider’ that Hoshi previously released. ‘Spider’ is Hoshi’s first mixtape which was released on April 2, 2021.

There are also those who find the fact that the logo of the song ‘Horangi’ can be interpreted as the letter H which represents Hoshi’s name and the title of the song. “one of the finest details when the hoshi cover art includes an image of an animal and can also be interpreted as an “H”” said another fan.

7. SEVENTEEN members congratulate

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The other SEVENTEEN members too, many congratulated Hoshi on the release of his song. Starting from Woozi who delivered it through Weverse. Then there is Joshua, DK, Jeonghan, Jun, and S.Coups.

8. Credits for the song ‘Horangi’

Hoshi, Woozi, and Tiger JK wrote the lyrics for the song ‘Horangi’. Woozi himself is known as a member of SEVENTEEN who is often involved in song production.

Likewise this song released by Hoshi, he helped both in writing the lyrics and composing the music. Besides Woozi, there was BOOMBASTIC who also had the opportunity to compose the song.

9. ‘Horangi’ is Hoshi’s second song that has the word ‘tiger’

The song ‘Horangi’ is Hoshi’s second song to have the word horangi or tiger in the title. Previously, Hoshi had released a mixtape entitled ‘Horangi Power’ (Tiger Power). The song has been released on June 24, 2021.

How about it, CARAT did you find any other facts about the release of Hoshi’s song ‘Horangi’?