August 14, 2022

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BTS Tops Sales of Best-selling K-Pop Albums Since 2003 on Hanteo Chart!

With the global explosion of K-Pop, lately many South Korean music groups have been able to sell more than one million albums. However, it is not an easy matter for artists whose songs do not use international or English languages ​​to be able to sell physical albums exceeding one million copies.

Fortunately, the K-Pop industry is boom the past few years and album sales to the international market have increased. Because, now there are more and more K-Pop fans all over the world.

On Saturday (30/7/2022) Allkpop announced that Hanteo Chart has collected sales data for the best-selling K-Pop group albums from 2003 to 2022.

According to the data, BTS is at the top, followed by Seventeen, EXO, NCT Dream, and TXT in the top 5.

Quoting from allkpop, here is a list of 11 K-Pop idol groups that have the highest album sales since 2003.

  1. BTS – 23 million copies.
  2. SEVENTEEN – 12 million c.opy.
  3. EXO – 9.7 million copies.
  4. NCT Dream – 7.3 million copies.
  5. TXT – 4.04 million copies.
  6. NCT 127 – 4 million copies.
  7. Stray Kids – 3.9 million copies.
  8. TWICE – 3.87 million copies.
  9. ENHYPEN – 3.86 million copies.
  10. GOT7 – 3.68 million copies.
  11. NCT – 3.60 million copies.

Not only that, BTS also dominates boy group album sales on the Circle Chart. Different from Hanteo Chart which focuses more on physical album sales, Circle Chart collects and legally compiles digital album sales data from various music platforms such as MelOn, Spotify, Genie, Bugs, Flo, and also Vibe.

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Here is a list of the top 10 best-selling K-Pop boy group albums of 2022 on the Circle Chart so far:

  • BTS ‘Proof’ – sold 3,210,672 copies.
  • SEVENTEEN ‘Face The Sun’ – sold 2,549,702 copies.
  • NCT DREAM ‘Glitch Mode’ – sold 2,107,493 copies.
  • Stray Kids ‘ODDINARY’ – sold 1,684,406 copies.
  • TXT ‘Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child’ – sold 1,665,615 copies.
  • ENHYPEN ‘Manifesto: Day 1’ – sold 1,552,545 copies.
  • NCT DREAM ‘Beatbox’ – sold 1,517,859 copies.
  • SEVENTEEN ‘SECTOR 17’ – sold 1,346,712 copies.
  • TREASURE ‘THE SECOND STEP: Chapter One’ – sold 812,903 copies.
  • ENHYPEN ‘DIMENSION: ANSWER’ – sold 762,824 copies.

Congratulations to BTS on their impressive achievement!