September 27, 2022

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BTS Shares His Opinion on Album Proof: Like Writing a Book and Finishing It

Officially, HYBE Labels released BTS’s latest album entitled Proof on Friday (10/6/2022) at 11.00 WIB. Comeback this time to be comeback BTS’s first for almost a year since BTS released the album Butter which was released on July 9, 2021.

The album, which was released in 3 versions, is the members’ thoughts on the past, present, and future of BTS. A total of 48 songs in 3 versions of the album which contains 3 new songs ‘Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)’, ‘Run BTS’, ‘For Youth’, and 45 songs they have released.

BTS Members’ Opinions about Album Proof

Released to commemorate BTS’ 9-year journey, the album Proof certainly has its own meaning for each member. Quoted from South Korean media Newsen on June 10, 2022, through Big Hit Music ahead of the release of the new album BTS members shared their opinions and feelings about the Proof album that they released this time.

The leader BTS, RM said, “As usual, when I release a new song for the first time, I get nervous. I hope many people will like it.“. Next, “I put a lot of effort into the lyrics because the message to the fans who are with me is the core.“.

Whereas hyung BTS’ eldest, Jin explained, “Proof is an album that contains the history of BTS so, memories of the past 9 years come to mind. I’ll be listening to it often too.“.

Suga said, “This is an album with BTS history, so I pay attention to the arrangement of the songs. If you listen to the album in order from the first track, it will be fun to listen to.“. Suga also hopes, “Can include nine years of our journey in the new album Proof. We hope that those who are listening will also follow in our footsteps once again.“.

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J-Hope said, “I’m excited and excited to release an album after a long time. I want to enjoy it with ARMY as soon as possible.“. Connect J-Hope, “Proof is an album that sets the biographies of BTS and ARMY, and contains our time and memories intact. This is even more special. It contains the soul of BTS, so I hope you will give lots of love.“.

Followed by Jimin who revealed, “It’s an album that’s been out for a long time, so I’m excited and it’s a strange feeling.“. “This is a special album because the title songs that have been released and the songs that have not been released are also released. It feels special.“said Jimin.

V’s wishes for ARMY regarding their new album, “Since this album contains our 9-year journey, we sincerely hope that it will be a precious gift to fans who always support us and make new history.“.

Jungkook likens that he has finished a book, “It was like writing a very thick book and finishing it.” he said. The maknae The BTS also revealed, “Like his albums so far, I’ve always made them with equal care in every part, and it’s an album that reflects BTS’ timing and current feelings well.“.

Newsen also mentioned that BTS will start promoting their song, by performing the song ‘Yet To Come’ on June 13th via the BANGTANTV YouTube channel’. Then continued by attending several music shows such as, M Countdown Mnet, Music Bank KBS 2TV, and SBS Inkigayo.

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