October 1, 2022


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BTS Announces Group Hiatus, HYBE Labels Share Price Drops Immediately

Global boy group BTS recently announced to fans about starting the 2nd chapter of their career ladder, and are planning to take a temporary hiatus.

Allkpop Launching on Wednesday (15/6/2022), the boy group BTS discussed the temporary hiatus from their group activities, and will focus more on the solo career activities of each member.

Following the news of BTS’ hiatus from group activities and will focus more on solo career activities, financial media outlets reported a decline in HYBE Labels’ stock price, after the announcement of BTS’ hiatus being shared by the members themselves on June 14, 2022.

According to media outlet reports, HYBE Labels shares fell by 25.65% from the stock price one day earlier, and broke the price of 143,500 KRW. HYBE Labels’ share price dropped directly following the news of BTS’ hiatus from group activities.

One financial expert commented, “HYBE Label’s share price hits a low. The uncertainty of the BTS group activities and the possibility that BTS members will soon be enlisting in the military has a very strong impact on HYBE Labels stock price.”

Other financial experts also commented, “Based on BTS’ decision to take a temporary hiatus, and with no guarantee when the group will go on a world tour in 2022, HYBE Labels should be prepared to deal with their stock decline..”

Meanwhile, reporters from several media outlets also mentioned that an announcement regarding BTS’s plans to enlist in the military will be released in the near future.

HYBE Labels also briefly issued an official statement that BTS will not be on a complete hiatus from their group activities.

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The BTS members will only focus more on their solo career activities for a while, so that they can re-discover their identity and musical color again which they feel have changed over time.

HYBE also stated that BTS will continue to carry out joint activities as a group along with their solo activities. They also asked fans not to be too sad, and asked them to continue to support the BTS members.

Meanwhile, one of the BTS members, J-Hope, will soon be releasing his first solo album in mid-July. J-Hope is also the first member of BTS to start his solo activities this year. What do you think about this BTS hiatus choice?