August 8, 2022

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Brother forgot to pick up, this sister’s reaction when she came home from the Koran, she immediately grumbled, making her anxious

One of the tasks that parents often give their children is to pick up their younger siblings. The eldest sibling usually does the job.

However, not infrequently brother can forget especially to pick up his sister. Recently went viral on social media, a video of the adorable reaction of a sister nagging her sister for forgetting to pick her up for the Koran.

The viral video was uploaded by the Instagram social media account psteam_cirebon.

“The moment when you forget to pick up your brother from the Koran, this is what will happen,” written in the video as quoted by, Saturday (6/8/2022).

The video footage shows a brother sitting at a desk studying using a headset. This brother forgot to pick up his sister from the Koran.

His sister went home alone on foot. When he got home his brother went straight to his sister’s room.

He scolded his brother who forgot to pick him up from the Koran.

“Hey, why don’t you pick me up?” asked the sister as she opened the bedroom door.

“I’m still doing my job,” replied my brother.

Sister Nagging Her Brother

The sister scolded her sister who forgot to pick her up. (Instagram/psteam_cirebon)

His sister did not accept his brother’s excuse. He also scolded his brother about the work he was doing and his fault did not pick him up.

“What kind of task is this, how come android-android is a task,” said my sister.

“It’s hot like this, let’s go for a walk, eh chicken,” said my sister as she left the room and was shocked when she bumped into someone in front of the door.

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So far, the video has received 1 million views on reels and 72.2 thousand likes. The comment column for this viral video upload was immediately flooded with various responses from netizens.

Netizens were made exasperated by the reaction of the younger brother nagging his brother which ended up baffling. There are also other netizens who have experienced the same thing being scolded by their younger siblings for being late to pick them up.

“Late to pick up just nagging, let alone not being picked up wkwkwk,” netizen comments with laughing emoji.

“It’s good to have a brother” said another.

“You’re really fussy, it looks like there’s a lot of drama,” said another.

“Brilliant ending,” another response.

“Wkwkw I’ve been scolded by my sister for being late to pick me up,” netizen stories.

“My sister, if you are late for school pick up, it’s already 10 minutes,” another said.