December 1, 2022

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Bride Wars Movie Review: When Friendship Is Tested Wedding Date

Bride Wars is a romantic comedy film directed by Gary Winick and released in 2009 by the production house of 20th Century Fox.

The film, which successfully grossed more than 1 Trillion Rupiah, also stars a number of big Hollywood stars, including Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, Candice Bergen, to Chris Pratt.

Taking a third person point of view, namely Marion St. Claire (Candice Bergen), who also plays a wedding planner, Bride Wars tells about the twists and turns of the friendship between Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) which must be tested by a wedding date.

Liv and Emma have been best friends since childhood. They are very compact, and are obsessed with the same thing, namely they both want to get married at the Plaza Hotel. When they grew up, they both had boyfriends. Emma who has been dating Fletcher (Chris Pratt) for 10 years, finally proposed first. This makes Liv panic and forces her lover Daniel (Steve Howey) to marry her, even though it was Daniel who actually wanted to propose to Liv first.

Liv and Emma together visit Claire, a famous wedding planner in New York to arrange the wedding of the two friends. Initially, Liv and Emma were happy because their chosen date was still available for the event at the Plaza Hotel, however, disaster happened after Emma’s date was already booked by someone else. Emma and Liv made various attempts to force the man to change the date of his wedding to another month, however, the man scoffed and refused.

The feud begins with Liv who, unbeknownst to Emma, ​​shares her wedding date with everyone. Emma feels betrayed, and a childish fight ensues between the two. Liv and Emma throw traps at each other to sabotage each other’s marriage.

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This film has a very ‘girl’ feel. Bride Wars not only presents a test from the point of view of a married couple, but also about the honesty of a friendship.

Although the conflict between the two is too excessive, and the characters are too childish just to fight over a date, marriage, however, the chemistry that the two main characters build is very good and is able to bring the whole story to life.

The Bride Wars movie is perfect to watch alone, or with friends and partners. Enjoy watching!