August 14, 2022

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Breaking Personal Record, ATEEZ’s Latest Mini Album Sold 930,000 Copies

KQ Entertainment’s boy group, ATEEZ officially comeback with their 8th mini album titled The World EP.1: Movement on July 29. Through this album, ATEEZ broke his personal record with an increase of 40% from the previous album’s sales.

On Friday (5/8/2022), according to Hanteo Chart, a domestic album sales website, ATEEZ’s eighth mini-album “The World EP.1: Movement” came in fourth and recorded 930,000 copies sold.

This is a 40% increase from the previous first week’s sales of 666,350 copies for the mini-album vol.7 “Zero Fever Part.3” released in September 2021, and ATEEZ once again broke his personal record.

Not only that, “The World EP.1: Movement” took No. 1 on the Circle Chart (formerly Gaon Chart) (according to the tally from July 24-30) in the Album Chart category in week 31, and took No. 1 on the Album Chart. Physical on the Hanteo Chart for five consecutive days from July 31 to August 1, 2022.

In particular, ATEEZ’s album ranked first on Japan’s Tower Record Weekly (according to the tally from July 25-31). Immediately after its release, the mini album “The World EP.1: Movement” ranked second in Amazon’s best-selling K-Pop category in the United States and took 5th place on Spotify’s “Top Debut Albums” (by July 29-31 count) .

At the same time with ATEEZ’s Comeback, winning first place on two music shows, (SBS MTV The Show, and MBC M Show Champion), proving its popularity.

Additional information, the 8th mini album “The World EP.1: Movement” contains a total of 7 songs namely, Propaganda, Sector 1, Cyberpunk, The Ring, WIDG (Where Do I Go), New World, and Guerilla which were chosen as the album’s main song. this.

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The title song Guerilla is a song that pushes to break down and change the current life that is so tightly regulated that it cannot feel emotions such as love, sadness, or joy.

Quoted from Yonhan In the showcase of one of ATEEZ’s members, Mingi revealed that the album “The World EP.1: Movement” depicts ATEEZ’s struggle to build people who live life like machines without feeling certain emotions through dance, music, and art.

In addition, the music video of the title song “Guerilla” has reached 19 million views on YouTube at the moment. Have you watched it?