August 8, 2022

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Brave Girls’ Yujeong Shares Fears About Future and Career As Idols

Yujeong Brave Girls expressed her fears about her career and future as a member of the girl group Brave Girls.

On June 25, 2022, members of the variety show ‘Bbaegopa’ such as Ha Jae Sook, Bae Yoon Jung, Go Eun Ah, Kim Joo Yeon, Park Moon Chi, and Yujeong Brave Girls visited a psychologist for advice on a healthy diet. .

Adapted from Allkpopeach member of ‘Bbaegopa’ expressed the stress and also the stress they experienced in their 9th week of dieting.

In particular, Brave Girls’ Yujeong was surprised when she had a high depression score compared to the other ‘Bbaegopa’ members.

In response to this, Yujeong confessed, “More than feeling difficult, I feel separated from the ideal life I want and reality, because I can’t use my time freely as I want.”

“I also think that having a career as an idol will not last long, I need to find my own path. However, I don’t know what to do,” he continued.

Yujeong added, “I feel like my life will end after Brave Girls disbands, and I won’t have another job like before. I really thought about a lot of things.”

Responding to Yujeong’s concern, Brave Girls fans understand it. They expressed their opinion and support to cheer on Yujeong.

I understand Yujeong’s concern. There is no clarity regarding the career of the Brave Girls. They returned to popularity last year when Yujeong turned 30. This is rare. Even though they worked hard and did their best, their fandom is still small,” wrote one fan.

The fan continued, “I hope that as K-Pop develops internationally, they will be more tolerant of the idol age range. However, we’ll have to see if the Brave Girls will be the exception.”

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I’m sorry to hear that. Even though the Brave Girls are back in popularity, they don’t have many people supporting them individually. In particular, it was Yujeong who received the most attention. However, once people stop caring about you as an idol, it’s hard to find work outside of acting. I hope there will be more Fearless (Brave Girls fans) next year, because I don’t want them to be in trouble anymore,” wrote another fan.

The entertainment industry, especially K-Pop, is very competitive. It’s natural for the Yujeong Brave Girls to be worried about her future. What do you think?