August 8, 2022

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BLACKPINK’s Lisa, Park Bo Gum to V BTS Attend Celine Men’s Summer 2023 Fashion Show!

BTS’s V, Park Bo Gum, and BLACKPINK’s Lisa will be going to France together. Quoting from the report Allkpop, The three celebrities are rumored to be leaving for Paris, France on Friday (2/06/2022) June to attend the Celine Men’s Summer 2023 Fashion Show. They will go to Paris by private jet together.

V and Park Bo Gum have long been known as close friends in the entertainment industry. Back in 2016, BTS’s V appeared in one of the first episodes of the reality series “Celebrity Bromance: with actor and rapper Kim Min Jae. In that episode, the two celebrities chatted about everything, including V’s friendship with Park Bo Gum.

In one of the segments, V revealed that Park Bo Gum is a friend that he keeps in touch with almost every day, and also revealed how the two became friends.

“Bo Gum was once an MC on Music Bank. At that time, we exchanged our contact information and found a lot in common, especially in terms of hobbies. We are very close,” said V BTS.

BTS’s V also revealed that they had been to Lotte World together and enjoyed several rides there for a few hours.

He shared, “After a few hours, crowds started gathering around us. We managed to get on 2 or 3 rides, but we couldn’t stay there and had to leave the place.”

In addition, BLACKPINK’s Lisa will also be joining V and Park Bo Gum on this trip as Celine’s Brand Ambassador.

Lisa was appointed as Celine’s Brand Ambassador since 2019. “It means a lot to me to be Celine’s Brand Ambassador. I am honored and happy to have the opportunity to collaborate with Hedi Slimane,” said Lisa.

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She added, “To be honest, Celine’s work fits me perfectly, as if it was designed for me from the start. Wearing Celine makes me feel like I’m walking on the runway!”

Lisa first fell in love with the brand when she was 15, after her fashion-loving cousin gifted her a Celine’s Belt Bag.

“It’s still one of my favorite bags,” Lisa admits. She then adds, “I like silk blouses with ribbons, skirts mid lengthand the wide jeans that are Celine’s signature style.”

We look forward to the warm interaction of V BTS, Park Bo Gum and Lisa BLACKPINK at the Celine Men’s Summer 2023 Fashion Show!