October 1, 2022


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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Looks Stunning at the Cartier Gala

Reported via coppamagz, Wednesday (15/6), today Jisoo BLACKPINK attended the Cartier luxury brand event as their Global Ambassador representative. The beautiful Idol born in 1995 looked charming in a simple black dress whose back was also quite open. Jisoo also wore a set of luxurious jewelry which added to her elegant appearance. The charm of Jisoo has successfully attracted public attention.

Her photos during the event went viral. With the elegant and luxurious visuals that he emitted during the event, Jisoo constantly received praise from netizens and the media who attended the event. The hashtag #JISOoxCartierBeautésDuMonde immediately became a trend filled with Jisoo’s luxurious charm during the event.

Meanwhile, the Cartier Gala event held at The Liria Palace, Spain today is an important event because it will reveal their new luxury jewelry collection.

Jisoo is known to be currently preparing for a comeback with BLACKPINK. Although YG Entertainment has not confirmed anything regarding BLACKPINK’s comeback, the idol has given a signal that the group will soon make a comeback.

For 2 years, BLACKPINK has been on hiatus from group activities. Each member remains active with solo activities. Jisoo himself debuted as the main character in the drama “Snowdrop” and some reports said that he was preparing to debut as a solo singer.

This girl group, which debuted on August 8, 2016, last released a new album in October 2020 with their first full album titled ‘THE ALBUM’. After that, in 2021, BLACKPINK held an online concert ‘The Show’ and the release of the documentary film “BLACKPINK The Movie.”

Not only that, BLACKPINK members are also known to be active as global ambassadors for several luxury brands. Call it Jisoo who is an ambassador for ‘Dior’, Lisa is an ambassador for ‘Celine’, Rosé is an ambassador for ‘Yves Saint Laurent’, and Jennie is an ambassador for ‘Chanel’. So, it is not uncommon for Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa to go abroad several times to attend events related to these luxury brands.

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Recently BLACKPINK appeared as the cover photo of Rolling Stone’s June issue. Furthermore, the presence of BLACKPINK on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine is a precious moment for BLACKPINK and BLINKs (as BLACKPINK fans are called) around the world. The reason is, Blackpink became the first musician in the history of a Korean female music group to achieve this feat.

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