September 27, 2022

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BIG Naughty asks fans not to buy the album, apparently because of this

BIG Naughty is a young rapper who graduated from the “Show Me The Money 8” program who debuted under H1GHER MUSIC. Since his first appearance on the small screen, he has always been in the spotlight and was praised as a child prodigy for being able to compete with many other great rappers. He is even predicted to be a big artist in the future.

Not yet finished with the public’s admiration for him, now BIG Naughty is back in the spotlight for asking fans for something very unique. Reportedly, he begged fans not to buy his album. The reason was because he had inadvertently promised to sign every order for his album.

Unexpectedly, pre order for his new album “NANGMAN” to surpass 12,000 copies in just a few days, that means BIG Naughty must sign at least 12,000 signatures. As a result, the young rapper immediately regretted it.

The man whose real name is Seo Donghyun expressed his regret through his personal Instagram story by asking H1GHER MUSIC to immediately close orders for his album. The rapper even messaged his agency staff for fear of having to sign his entire album until he broke his arm.

He even lied to his fans by saying that the order was closed. Jokingly, he also threatened to terminate his contract with H1GHER MUSIC.

Seeing that the fans didn’t want to listen to it, BIG Naughty then held a livestream, in which he asked fans to stop ordering his album. However, they completely ignored the request and happily ordered more.

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Through livestream After that, he asked fans, “Stop buying my album, you just have to listen to it live on line!” They then asked, if so why he released a physical album, to which he replied, “It feels more complete that way! If there wasn’t a physical album it would feel really weird!”

BIG Naughty also maintains his belief that his fans should stop buying his albums, even if it bankrupts the company. His adorable attitude spontaneously became a hot topic among Korean netizens who thought the rapper was very funny and really unique!