December 1, 2022

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Beware of Hydrophobia, Phobia of Water Due to the Rabies Virus

Do you know if there are conditions where someone has a phobia of water? This condition is referred to as hydrophobia. Some people will find it strange, but if the phobia of water occurs after being bitten by a wild animal, you should be wary, because it can indicate that someone has the rabies virus.

So what if someone actually contracted the rabies virus? Launching from the page healthyq.comthere are other symptoms if a person is exposed to the rabies virus, apart from a sudden phobia of water, other symptoms that may appear are as follows.

1. Flu or fever that can last a long time

2. The animal’s bite marks feel very uncomfortable such as itching or other feelings

3. Behavior becomes unnatural

4. Severe confusion

5. Hallucinations

6. Insomnia

7. There is paralysis in some parts of the body

First Treatment for Hydrophobia

Still from the page healthyq.comthe first step after you feel the symptoms hydrophobia after being bitten by an animal, wash the bite mark immediately using running water and soap to minimize virus particles that may arise.

After that visit the doctor immediately, usually the doctor will give an injection to help prevent the rabies virus. Usually in the form of a rabies vaccine or injection rabies immunoglobulin (RIG).

Prevention Against Rabies Virus Infection

Given the dangers that can be caused by the rabies virus, which can lead to death, it is fitting for us to prevent infection with the rabies virus. Actions that can be taken are as summarized from the page the following.

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1. Vaccinate pets

If you have pets at home, don’t hesitate to get them vaccinated right away. This step can greatly suppress the infection transmission of the rabies virus.

2. Check the condition of the animal

Visit the vet regularly to find out the condition of your pet, so that if there are indications of certain diseases, they can be detected immediately.

3. Keep pets away from other wild animals

If you have pets, it’s a good idea to limit your animal’s activities to wild animals that haven’t been vaccinated.

4. Actions after being bitten by an animal

If you are bitten by a wild animal, immediately wash and clean with soap on the bitten area. This action is taken to avoid the rabies infection.

This is the information about hydrophobiaDon’t take it lightly if you experience symptoms of fear of water after being bitten by a wild animal, because it could be a symptom of the rabies virus, and animals that can transmit rabies are not limited to dogs and cats, in fact all mammals such as cows, monkeys, civets can also transmit the rabies virus. Stay alert to wild animals around you!