October 1, 2022


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Beware of Bad Habits that Can Damage Self-confidence

Self-confidence is a quality that everyone wants to have. However, the level of self-confidence of a person is very different. For some people appear confident is something that is not difficult.

While for others, it takes more effort to be able to have self-confidence. Even in people with low levels of self-confidence can be reduced by bad habits.

Some bad habits that need to be avoided are as follows:

1. Lower the standard

If you already have your own standards for a lot of things, there’s no need to lower them just because someone else has a different opinion. If you are always following other people’s judgments and questioning your own standards, sooner or later you can lose confidence.

2. Comparing yourself with others

Everyone has a different way of life. The habit of comparing yourself with other people who are considered more successful will have a bad effect on the inner aspect. You can doubt your own abilities because you are still at a different stage from that person.

Stop comparing yourself to others and stay true to your life choices and the path you are taking.

3. Ignoring appearances

Even though looks aren’t everything, that doesn’t mean you can just ignore them. Keeping your appearance clean and pleasing to the eye is very influential on how other people view you. The way you maintain your appearance and personal hygiene shows how much you value and respect yourself. Ignoring appearances can cause self-confidence to be quickly lowered by other people’s bad reactions.

4. Often criticize yourself

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Maybe at first you intended to introspect, but if you continue to do it, your confidence will be eroded and even lost. This includes the habit of doing negative self-talk. What is the topic of negative self-talk and is believed by the perpetrator will damage self-confidence without realizing it.

If you make a mistake, you can correct it and make it a lesson. But when it comes to physical conditions, you should not focus on your weaknesses to the point of forgetting the strengths you have. Change the focus of attention on your strengths and optimize them to achieve your good goals. Never forget that no one is perfect.

5. Praise others excessively

Giving praise to others is not a bad thing, because it is a form of positive appreciation. But don’t get in the habit of praising others by lowering yourself in comparison.

Just acknowledge the strengths of others and give appropriate praise but no need to compare yourself. Maybe he is good at one thing, but in another, you can be the champion.

6. Apologizing too much

It is natural to apologize if you have made a mistake. But you shouldn’t apologize for all the things that went wrong that weren’t your fault. Even though apologizing is a form of courtesy, it doesn’t mean you have to always do it. Apologize for something that is appropriate so you don’t damage your self-confidence.

7. Leaving oneself in a toxic environment

Toxic environments often carry destructive negative effects. People in toxic environments or relationships often treat people badly. Being in an unhealthy environment or relationship, sooner or later will damage a person’s self-confidence.

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8. Dependent on others

Asking others for opinions is sometimes necessary. But if done continuously and for all things, it will become a habit. You will have a hard time making decisions on your own and have no confidence that you can do it right. That’s why, this attitude of depending on others has a bad impact on one’s self-confidence.

These are some of the things that can destroy a person’s self-confidence. Avoid all of the things above so that you can become a person who has self-confidence. But there is no need to overdo it, which makes you arrogant.