September 27, 2022

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Besides Medicine, These 5 Things Are Really Needed by People Who Are Sick

Experiencing pain, is not what everyone wants. However, there is always the possibility that everyone will experience pain. The main thing needed by sick people is good treatment and care. However, that’s not all. Several things also affect how the healing process and recovery of the sick person. What are they?

1. Support

The first is support. Support can come from anywhere and from anyone. The most important thing is support from family. How a family can become a unit that strengthens a person to be able to recover from his illness. Support from family can make someone who is sick feel more motivated to recover. Therefore, when you meet someone in your family who is sick, then you must be one of the people who strengthens and gives full support.

How to provide support to a family who is sick can be done by offering prayers and words that make him feel excited. Avoid frightening or comparing one disease to another.

2. Quiet environment

A calm environment is also needed by people who are sick. Moreover, usually many people will visit him and not infrequently this actually makes people who are sick feel disturbed. For example, because it was too noisy, came in a crowd, or even laughed out loud.

3. Empathy from around

Empathy from the surrounding environment is also an influence for people who are sick. For example, people who are sick with shortness of breath, then the people around them must have empathy, one of which is by keeping cigarette smoke away from their surroundings. Or another example is a person who is sick with nausea, then the people around him must have empathy to keep odors away from around him.

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Visiting sick people is a good thing that should be encouraged. However, visiting sick people also has ethics that must be applied.

4. Adequate intake

People who are sick usually have a poor appetite, but that is not an excuse not to eat. So that the healing process can be obtained quickly, the sick person must force himself to eat. You may feel uncomfortable and don’t want to, but you have to force it. It would even be better if the usual intake can be added with milk or vitamins so that body fitness can be obtained quickly.

5. Motivate yourself

In addition to influences from outside and the environment, people who are sick also need enthusiasm within themselves. In his heart he must always have positive thoughts that make him have the awareness to get well soon and be optimistic that he will recover.

That’s 5 things besides medicine needed by sick people. Hopefully this article is useful and makes us more sensitive to the needs of people who are sick.